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The Ipcress File TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

The Ipcress File TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

The Ipcress File cast: Joe Cole, Lucy Boynton, Tom Hollander. The Ipcress File Release Date: 19 May 2022 (AMC+). The Ipcress File Episodes: 6. The Ipcress File is looking full of Drama, Thriller. Produced and directed by Emmy Award-winning James Watkins (McMafia, Black Mirror, The Woman In Black) and the film is set on Berlin and London during the 1960s.

The Ipcress File is a UK Drama-Thriller TV Series (2022). Joe Cole, Lucy Boynton, Tom Hollander are the main cast of The Ipcress File TV Series (2022). ITV Studios’ six-part British spy action The Ipcress File will be based on the acclaimed novel written by Len Deighton and adapted by Oscar-nominated screenwriter and BAFTA winner John Hodge (Trainspotting, T2 Trainspotting). The Ipcress File release on AMC and 19 May 2022.

In the midst of the Cold War, ex-soldier and the convicted criminal Harry Palmer (Cole) is employed by a bizarre British spy agency whose head, Dalby (Hollander), is seeking his assistance in locating the missing scientist. In collaboration with the brilliant and abrasive Agent Jean (Boynton) Harry’s adventure will take them to the wrong end of Berlin and the shady theocracy of Beirut as well as the intense glow of H-bomb testing in the Pacific prior to a leap further leads him to a rogue role. in a bloody political conspiracy.

The Ipcress File Plot:

As the Cold War seethes, ex-bootlegger turned hesitant covert agent Harry Palmer winds up at the focal point of a hazardous secret mission, on which he should utilize his connections to track down a missing British atomic researcher.

The Ipcress File Detail:

TV Series: The Ipcress File (2022)
Network: AMC+
Main Stars: Joe Cole, Lucy Boynton, Tom Hollander
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Release Date: 19 May 2022 (AMC+)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Runtime: 1 hour
Also known As: Harry Palmer, The Ipcress File, The Ipcress File Season 1, The Ipcress File (2022)

The Ipcress File Cast:

Joe Cole As Harry Palmer
Lucy Boynton As Jean Courtney
Tom Hollander As Major Dalby
Ashley Thomas As Paul Maddox
Paul Higgins As Minister
David Dencik As Col. Gregor Stok
Joshua James As Chico
Tom Vaughan-Lawlor As General Cathcart
Anastasia Hille As Alice
Brian Ferguson As Ian Randall
Matthew Steer As Professor Dawson
Nora-Jane Noone As Dr. Karen Newton
Corey Johnson As Capt. Skip Henderson
Irfan Shamji As Carswell
Anna Geislerová As Dr. Polina Lavotchkin
Urs Rechn As Housemartin
Paul Bazely As Morris
Marko Braic As Murray
Tamla Kari As Deborah
Mark Quartley As Pete
Alexandra Moen As Mrs. Dalby
Ben Turner As Adem
Ben Lloyd-Hughes As James
Anna Schumacher As Frau Stuten
Gaby French As Natalie Lewis
Shireen Farkhoy As Rashida Boustani
Nigel Hastings As Mr. Courtney
Therese Bradley As Mrs. Tomlinson
Claire Cox As Mrs. Courtney
Chris Lew Kum Hoi As Jin-Hai
Petar Cvirn As Oleg Retzov
Dana Haqjoo As Beirut Police Chief
Guy Rhys As Murphy
Will Tudor As Mark
Richard Hope As Treasury Official
Jaz Hutchins As Pacific Liaison Officer
Rade Radolovic As Kurt
Gavin Spokes As Terry
Matt Weyland As MP Sergeant
Bojan Navojec As Gunter
Katrine De Candole As Helga
Rachid Sabitri As Ammun
Emir Mulalic As Dawson Lookalike
Vigo Vlajic As Andreas Stuten
Andy Cresswell As Prison Guard
Jack Colgrave Hirst As Young American Officer
Anna Francolini As Mrs. Dawson
Chloe Harris As Becky
Lucio Slama As Turkish Chef
Eldredd Wolf As Jones
Jonas Khan As Dr. Rajan Rayat
Sarah Finigan As Landlady
Ciaran Kellgren As Officer Moore
Janet Amsden As Elderly Woman
Vibor Krekovic As CIA Guy
Dominik Cicak As CIA Man
Peter Woodcock Simon As Dr. Theodore Radley
Blaz Slanic As Male Student
Lana Oblak As Female Student
Igor Pecenjev As Worker in Overalls
Dubravka Borosa As Nurse
Mihael Macesic As Randall’s Son
Paddy Wallace As Constable
Antonio Scarpa As Beirut Waiter
Ana Maria Aver As Embassy Receptionist
Simon Strutt As American Army Base Officier
Jack Palance As Jeremy Prokosh
Charles De’Ath As Officer Hughes
Paul Candelent As Military Prisoner
Jean-Pascal Heynemand As Gentleman’s club diner
Andrew Rawlinson-Heath
Lovro Preprotnik As Passenger

With the same high-quality glasses and superb fitting as the original version, the next installment of The Ipcress Archive is adapted to fit the tiny screen size in the brand new six-part series. It follows Palmer an entrepreneur sergeant in postwar Berlin who is pulled into the world of espionage after the police take control of his existence as an incriminating criminal. Palmer is given the chance to transform his life via the secret service and the Ipcress dossier is his first assignment.

The sixties were a time of change. Harry Palmer is a British army officer stationed in a divided Berlin who, upon being arrested for smuggling and dealing in all forms and transferred to Colchester prison for a prolonged time in prison. His luck is changed when he is approached by Major Dalby, head of the secret division that is part of British intelligence, who offers an opportunity to redeem himself by collaborating with them in locating the location of Professor Dawson a nuclear scientist who was abducted in Berlin likely. by the Soviet enemy.

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