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The Lake TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

The Lake TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

The Lake cast: Declan Whaley, Emily Roman, Jordan Gavaris. The Lake Release Date: 17 June 2022 (Prime Video). The Lake Episodes: 8. The Lake is looking full of Comedy, Drama. As per the description in its official release, “In ‘The Lake,’ Justin (Gavaris) returns from a trip abroad following an uneasy breakup with his long-time girlfriend.

The Lake is a Canadian Comedy-Drama TV Series (2022). Declan Whaley, Emily Roman, Jordan Gavaris are the main cast of The Lake TV Series (2022). Amazon Prime Video has revealed the title of its debut Canadian Original series. It’s The Lake, a comedy that stars Jordan Gavaris (Orphan Black), Julia Stiles (Riviera), and Madison Shamoun (Black-ish). The Lake will be released this Friday, Prime Video 17 June 2022.

The Lake begins with Justin, the character portrayed by Gavaris after living in a foreign country for a number of years, returning to Canada after ending his relationship with his long-term girlfriend. The reason he is returning is to re-connect with his biological daughter, who was adopted by him as a teenager to create new memories.

The Lake Plot:

Justin gets back from living abroad in the expectation of reconnecting with the natural little girl that he surrendered for reception. His arrangements turn out badly when he figures out his dad passed on the family house to his stepsister.

The Lake Detail:

TV Series: The Lake (2022)
Network: Prime Video
Main Stars: Declan Whaley, Emily Roman, Jordan Gavaris
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Country: Canada
Language: English
Release Date: 17 June 2022 (Prime Video)
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Filming locations: North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Also Known As: The Lake, The Lake Season 1, The Lake (2022)

The Lake Cast:

Declan Whaley As Opal Lin
Emily Roman As Jeri Moore
Jordan Gavaris As Justin
Julia Stiles As Maisy-May
Madison Shamoun As Billie
Terry Chen As Victor Lin
Jared Scott As Killian Lin
Travis Nelson As Riley
Natalie Lisinska As Jayne
Jon Dore As Wayne
Julia Lalonde As Olive
Kaitlyn Bernard As Keri Moore
Brielle Robillard As Teri Moore
Jenny Young As Claire Henderson
Bill Lake As Horny Henderson
Alison Lawrence As Whoreen
Carolyn Scott As Ulrika
Lisa Codrington As Naomi
Milton Barnes As Oliver
Sagine Sémajuste As Teesa
Mark Aloe As Canoer
Darren W. Marynuk As Cottager
Jerry O’Connell As Gil the Thrill1 episode
Laura Condlln As Mom1 episode
Ashton Cressman As Lil Wayne

Produced and written directed by Julian Doucet, The Lake concentrates specifically on the Canadian countryside experience. Justin (Gavaris) returns home from living in the United States after an uneasy breakup with his lover for a long time and hopes to reconnect with his biological daughter whom he abandoned for adoption when she was in her teens. His plans to create fresh memories with his beloved city-loving child Billie (Shamoun) in the tranquil lake she grew up on are thrown off course.

It was launched to be Amazon Studios’ first scripted Canadian original series. “In the show, Justin, a recently divorced man takes Billie her biracial daughter, whom he gave away to adoption, and to the lake in which his family used to go on vacation as a kid,” reads the synopsis. “Justin is hoping that spending time with Billie will make them close. But, Justin’s obsession with getting control of the family’s home from his stepmother Maisy-May causes them to become more distant.

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