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The Marksman (2021) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

The Marksman (2021) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

The Marksman cast: Katheryn Winnick, Liam Neeson, Teresa Ruiz. The Marksman Release Date: 15 January 2021 (USA). The Marksman Director: Robert Lorenz. The Marksman is looking full of Action, Thriller. Now I,m going to tells you all about The Marksman (2021).

The Marksman is an American Action-Thriller Movie (2021). Katheryn Winnick, Liam Neeson, Teresa Ruiz are the main cast of The Marksman (2021). The Marksman Release Date: 15 January 2021. Starring: Liam Neeson, Katheryn Winnick, Teresa Ruiz, Juan Pablo Raba. Directed By: Robert Lorenz.

They’ve messed with the wrong guy. Liam Neeson is The Marksman. See it at the huge display on January fifteenth. Twin Enso may be taking over the marksman, and Earp and JohnODyin also are running the marksman too because of the artist and creator. Talking to Liam Neeson the day after today morning about his new film the marksman. They’ve messed with the wrong guy.

The Marksman Plot:

A rancher at the Arizona border becomes the unlikely defender of a young Mexican boy desperately fleeing the cartel assassins who have pursued him into the U.S.

The Marksman Detail:

Movie: The Marksman (2021)
Director: Robert Lorenz
Writers: Chris Charles, Danny Kravitz
Main Stars: Katheryn Winnick, Liam Neeson, Teresa Ruiz
Genres: Action, Thriller
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 15 January 2021 (USA)
Filming Locations: Wellington, Ohio, USA
Also Known As: The Marksman, The Marksman (2021)

The Marksman Cast:

Katheryn Winnick As Sarah
Liam Neeson As Jim
Teresa Ruiz As Rosa
Juan Pablo Raba As Maurico
Grayson Berry As Customs Officer
Lelia Symington As Tina
Luce Rains As Everett Crawford
Dylan Kenin As Randall
Chase Mullins As Mark
Alex Knight As Carl Neeham
Dominic Cancelliere
Esodie Geiger As K9 Officer
Jacob Perez As Miguel
Vic Browder As Highway Patrol Officer
Gonzalo Robles As Latino Thug
Kellen Boyle As DALTON
Jared Corum As Deputy
Christian Hicks As Agent Denny
Sean A. Rosales As Hernando
David DeLao As Coyote
Destiny Pearl Salgado As Child playing soccer
Sandra Salgado As Extra (archive footage)
Patricia Rodriguez As Aunt
Yediel Quiles
Richard Fike As Truck Driver
Roger Jerome As Otto
Cheo Tapia As Border driver
Garrett Ielapi As Cartel Thug
Jeremy Evitts As Tattooed man
Charles David Richards As Gun Store Owner
Elias Gallegos As Agent Diaz
Clark Sanchez As Migrant
Brian Gackowski As Store Clerk
Scott Shirai As Asian store keeper
Chris Breen As Restaurant Patron
Jeffrey Cain As Pedestrian
Reese Foster As Border Patrol Officer
Adam Hicks As Border Patrol Agent
Mike Kuse As Border Patrol Officer
Dustin Pennington As Contractor
Jeff Salgado As Extra
Melissa Santiago As Church Bake Sale Lady
Ming Wang As Pedestrian
Lew Wurdeman As Border crossing pedestrian / Border crossing driver

Liam Neesom is returned! The Marksman coming Friday 1/15. It’s too past due to show returned. Liam Neeson is The Marksman – in cinemas on January 21. He never misses his mark. Liam Neeson stars in The Marksman, a movie about an ex-Marine sniper who receives mixed up in a Mexican Cartel enterprise as he tries to shield a migrant mom and her son.

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