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The Naked Director TV Series (2019) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know


This is Japanese Biography and Dramatic TV Series. This series is based on the life of Toru Muranishi. Now I,m going to tells you all about The Naked Director TV Series (2019). The Naked Director debuts August 8, just on Netflix.

This was so good, story, acting, even the Music. Witness the ascent of grown-up video executive Toru Muranishi, who reformed the pornography business in the1980s bubble period Japan. Takayuki Yamada is one of the greatest actors in Japan. He is said that he can perform every character.

No one can compete if their industry was Uncensored. Nothing was the same after Serizawa left Suzuran. He totally looks like a different person compared when he was in Crows Zero. The origin of JAV  and Serizawa is the founder. I could say this is the best Netflix creation.

The Naked Director Cast:

Shinnosuke Mitsushima, Takayuki Yamada, Misato Morita are the main cast of The Naked Director TV Series (2019). Tetsuji Tamayama, Tokio Emoto, Sairi Itô, Takenori Gotô, Lily Franky, Jun Kunimura, Ryo Ishibashi are also doing very well work.

The Naked Director Episodes:

In the First Season of The Naked Director TV Series have 8 Episodes but you will see more episodes in the next season. Hope you will like it.

Not a dull moment in all 8 episodes. Hollywood should learn a thing or two from the Japanese when it comes to making pretend scenes. I hope Netflix keeps making more original Japanese shows/movies. This is just amazing.

Just binge-watched it and hoping for a season 2, storyline and actings were great. Netflix Japan has officially announced the second season a couple of days ago. Tell you a lot about Japanese mentality. I hope you will like it, after watchinh this show.

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