The New Hands (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

The New Hands (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

The New Hands cast: Stephen Wu, Sally Kirkland, Felissa Rose. The New Hands Release Date: 18 April 2023 (US). The New Hands Director: Brandon Scullion. The New Hands is looking full of Horror. Drumpe unveils with an original The New Hands trailer for the brand new horror comedy produced by Indican Pictures. The film is accessible on DVD and digital formats, as well as via streaming video.

The New Hands is an American Horror movie (2023). Stephen Wu, Sally Kirkland, Felissa Rose are the main cast of The New Hands (2023). New Hands has been written by and produced by Brandon Scullion. The film is now accessible on digital DVDs, as well as via video-on-demand. The New Hands release on US 18 April 2023. The New Hands film is the culmination of an entire lifetime of devotion to cinema.

A serial killer is insane state that he can cut off the hands that are mutilated and then replace them with brand new hands. He assembles them using the body parts of the victims. He will do everything to make sure that his former girlfriend is returned to him. The creators of the upcoming horror-comedy motion picture The New Hands are most delighted to reveal. The New Hands is the story of a man who is convinced of cutting off his newly mangled hands is the only way to heal them.

The New Hands Plot:

“The New Hands” is the tale of a man who believes that cutting off his recently damaged hands and replacing them with his the new set of hands he’s made using the remains that his victims have left behind will get his former girlfriend returned to him.

The New Hands Detail:

Movie: The New Hands (2023)
Director: Brandon Scullion
Writer: Brandon Scullion
Main Stars: Stephen Wu, Sally Kirkland, Felissa Rose
Genre: Horror
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 18 April 2023 (US)
Filming locations: Burbank, California, USA
Also known As: The New Hands, The New Hands Movie, The New Hands (2023)

The New Hands Cast:

Stephen Wu As Bram Victor
Sally Kirkland As May
Felissa Rose As Dr. Pretorius
Lexi Graboski As Zora
Liesel Hanson As Lenore
Geoffrey Gould As Dr. Adam Maitland
Sebastian Muñoz As Rodrigo
Jenny Chun As Teller
Elisa Halma As Ms. Wilkes
Tom Jones As Dr. Norris
Emily Coupe As Detective Murnau
Eric Reingrover As Detective Browning
Redetha Deason As Jogger

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