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The Protector (Turkish TV Series 2018) Cast, Reviews, Release date, Story, episodes


Turkish top rated TV Series 2018 The Protector is a Turkish action tv series. Çagatay Ulusoy, Ayça Aysin Turan, Hazar Ergüçlü are the main The Protector Cast. The Protector Release date 14 December 2018. The Protector is a Netflix Turkish Series. Netflix The protector has great entertainment with full of action.

This Turkish TV Series 2018 almost release all episode on 14 December 2018. The Protector is an action Turkish series. Netflix always produces nice shows. Netflix is famous all over the world with his quality shows and now Netflix decides to produce The Protector Turkish TV Series 2018.

The Protector Story:

A young man embarks fight with the shadowy army. He tries to save himself but his enemy try to kill him. Çagatay Ulusoy, Ayça Aysin Turan, Hazar Ergüçlü are the main character in The Protector. This film is full of mystery and fights with shadowy forces.

The Protector Detail:

Producers: Alex Sutherland
Creator: Binnur Karaevli
Main Stars: Çagatay Ulusoy, Ayça Aysin Turan, Hazar Ergüçlü
Genres: Action | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
Country: Turkey
Release Date: 14 December 2018
Location: Istanbul
Languages: Turkish
IMDb Reviews: 7.7/10 (IMDb Rating)
Seasons: 1
The Protector Episodes: 10
Production: Netflix
Distribution: Netflix
Also Known As: O Protetor de Istambul | The Protector | The Protector 2018

The Protector Cast:

Çagatay Ulusoy as Hakan Demir 10 episodes, 2018
Ayça Aysin Turan as Leyla Sancak 10 episodes, 2018
Hazar Ergüçlü as Zeynep 10 episodes, 2018
Okan Yalabik as Faysal Erdem 10 episodes, 2018
Mehmet Kurtulus as Mazhar Dragusha 9 episodes, 2018
Yurdaer Okur as Kemal 9 episodes, 2018
Fatih Dönmez as Orkun

Here is the detail of The Protector (Turkish TV Series 2018) Cast, Reviews, Release date, Story, episodes. The Protector cast is doing very well work on season 1. Çagatay Ulusoy is in the main character in this series. If you like Netflix shows then we suggest you watch this amazing series. The Protector total episodes are 10 in 1 season.

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