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The Survivor (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

The Survivor (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

The Survivor cast: Peter Sarsgaard, Ben Foster, John Leguizamo. The Survivor Release Date: 27 April 2022 (HBO). The Survivor Director: Barry Levinson. The Survivor is looking full of Biography, Drama. To play the role of the main character, as actor Ben Foster. It was written and written and directed by Barry Levinson, who previously produced 2015’s rock the Kasbah The Humbling, The Humbling in 2014, The Humbling and 2012’s The Bay. Justine Juel Gillmer wrote the script for the film.

The Survivor is an American Biography-Drama movie (2022). Peter Sarsgaard, Ben Foster, and John Leguizamo are the main cast of The Survivor (2022). The new film, produced by HBO and HBO, which tells the real story of Harry Haft’s boxer is out. The Survivor premieres on HBO on April 27, Wednesday. The cast also includes Vicky Krieps, Billy Magnussen, Peter Sarsgaard, John Leguizamo, Danny DeVito, Dar Zuzovsky and Saro Empire.

Premiered in The Toronto International Film Festival, in which HBO Films acquired the rights to the film. The film is a heartbreaking, true account of Harry Haft, a Holocaust prisoner in Auschwitz who was being forced to fight for the disgusting entertainment of the camp staff. The winner of each game remains to fight another time in the next match, while the loser gets shot dead or is sent to the gas room.

The Survivor Plot:

Post World War II, Harry Haft is a fighter who battled individual detainees in the death camps to make due. Tormented by recollections and culpability, he endeavors to utilize high-profile battles against boxing legends like Rocky Marciano as a method for finding his most memorable love once more.

The Survivor Detail:

Movie: The Survivor (2022)
Network: HBO
Director: Barry Levinson
Writer: Justine Juel Gillmer
Main Stars: Peter Sarsgaard, Ben Foster, John Leguizamo
Genres: Biography, Drama
Countries: Canada, Hungary, United States
Language: English
Release Date: 27 April 2022 (HBO)
Runtime: 2 hours 9 minutes
Filming locations: Úrkút, Hungary
Also known As: Harry Haft, The Survivor, The Survivor (2022), The Survivor HBO

The Survivor Cast:

Peter Sarsgaard As Emory Anderson
Ben Foster As Harry Haft
John Leguizamo As Pepe
Billy Magnussen As Dietrich Schneider
Danny DeVito As Charlie Goldman
Vicky Krieps As Miriam Wofsoniker
Anthony Molinari As Rocky Marciano
Paul Bates As Louis Barclay
Dar Zuzovsky As Leah
Charles Brice As Coley Wallace
Aaron Serotsky As Michael Lieberman
Sophie Knapp As Helene Haft
Björn Freiberg As Referee
Kingston Vernes As Alan Haft
Ken Holmes As Man on Boardwalk
Michael Epp As Kuttner
Zachary Golinger As Marty Haft
Katia Bokor As Ronit
Lauren Yaffe As Coney Island Bather
Vincent Tumeo As Ticket Taker Freak Show
Pablo Raybould As Blinky Palermo
Hans Peterson As Guard
Roderick Hill As Meir Krichinsky
Sonya Cullingford As Else Gretzer
Attila Arpa As Orpo
Cailyn Peddle As Lemonade Stand Girl
Sandy Burhans As Miami resort guest
Saro Emirze As Peretz Haft
Jeff Burhans As Miami resort guest
Young As Referee (Big fight)
John Guerrasio As Frankie Carbo
Conor William Wright As Coney Island Soldier
Árpád Antolik As Jaworzno Prisoners
Robert Myers As Man on Boardwalk
Erik Contzius As Cantor
Peter Schueller As Local Man
Peter Linka As Ring announcer – Rhode Island
Ferenc Iván Szabó As Boxer
Alan Jouban As Roland LaStarza
Marc Schöttner As Voice Actor (voice)
Jim Cleary As Beach Goer
Marc Alan Austen As Brighton Beach Rabbi
Márk Szekulesz As Barman
Christian Carrigan As Beach goer
Stephen Saracco As Referee
Zach Anderson As Coney Island Kid / Brighton Beach Neighborhood Kid
Amalina Ace As Sarah Lieberman
Andrew Hefler As Clerk
Patrick McCullough As Weighmaster
Laurent Papot As Jean
Emerson Henley As Girl at Resort Pool
Colton Langan As Resort Pool Guest
Karim Ghajji As Sparring Partner
Hortobágyi Feri As Prisioner
Zámbó István As Jew in Camp / Boxing Crowd
Erhard Bokor As Prisoner
Monique Pereira As Sunbather

Haft was able to survive 76 of these battles, and managed to escape Auschwitz by killing an Auschwitz German soldier, and then assuming his identity up to the end the World War II. When he returns to America Harry is still fighting and hopes for to meet with Rocky Marciano, hoping with fame to locate the girl he had a relationship with prior to the war and in prison.

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