The Swarm Episode 2 | Cast, Release Date | And Everything You Need to Know

Swarm TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

The Swarm is a Drama-Mystery TV Series (2023). The Swarm Episode 2 cast: Alexander Karim, Cécile de France, Leonie Benesch. The Swarm Episode 2 Release Date: 19 September 2023 (The CW). The Swarm Total Episodes: 8.

The Swarm Episode 2 Plot:

Tourists are being attacked by whales throughout Canada and lobsters have become dangerous in France. It is reported that Swedish expert Dr. Johanson discovered a number of iceworms on the seabed, which are multiplying at an alarming rate. Alongside Charlie Wagner, a tragedy is in the making.

The Swarm Episode 2 Detail:

Episode Name: Episode 2
Network: The CW
Director: Luke Watson
Writers: Steven Lally, Marissa Lestrade, Chris Lunt
Main Stars: Alexander Karim, Cécile de France, Leonie Benesch
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, France, Japan
Language: English
Release Date: 19 September 2023 (The CW)
Season: 1
Total Episodes: 8
Episode Number: 2
Runtime: 46 minutes
Also known As: Der Schwarm, The Swarm, The Swarm Season 1, The Swarm (2023), The Swarm Episode 2

The Swarm Episode 2 Trailer:


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What is The Swarm About:

The show’s scientific advisor is the deep and polar marine researcher, Prof. Dr. Antje Boetius from the Max Planck Institute, who is also an active part of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. A thrilling, exciting, and passionate script that touches on the most important issues, however, it is an entertaining and broad-based entertainment according to Alexander Karim.

“The Swarm”, which is described as an ecological thriller, in which Karim portrays the role of Scientist scientist Dr. Sigur Johansson. Performers from Nordic states, Germany, France, and Great Britain are on board.

The kids leap into the water, go swimming around before it’s me, along with a few others in the senior guard who remain on the shore and conduct research. It was a pleasure for me, says the 46-year-old actor. The extremely real threat to the environment is given a sort of supernatural shape in “The Swarm”.

The Swarm Episode 2 Cast:

Alexander Karim As Dr. Sigur Johanson
Cécile de France As Dr. Cécile Roche
Leonie Benesch As Charlie Wagner
Joshua Odjick As Leon Anawak
Takehiro Hira As Riku Sato
Krista Kosonen As Tina Lund
Rosabell Laurenti Sellers As Alicia Delaware
Barbara Sukowa As Prof. Katherina Lehmann
Oliver Masucci As Capt. Jasper Alban
Klaas Heufer-Umlauf As Roscovitz
Lydia Wilson As Sara Thompson
Takuya Kimura As Mifune
Sharon Duncan-Brewster As Samantha Crowe
Alba Gaïa Bellugi As Isabelle Roche
Alessandra Arcangeli As Lilitha
Andrea Guo As Jess
Astrid Meloni As Mother
Bruce McGuire As Clive Roberts
Christian Burruano As Miguel Gilberto
Claudia Jurt As Dr. Natalia Oliviera
David Menkin As Stephen Peak
David Vormweg As Tomas
Denise McNee As Betty Harkins
Dutch Johnson As Jack Greywolf O’Bannon
Eidin Jalali As Rahim Amir
Beth McCreton As Co-Pilot (as Elisabeth McCreton)
Elizabeth Kinnear As Lizzie Stringer
Enrica Cortese As Alaina
Eva Röse As Erika Skaugen
Fabien Lucciarini As Lucien Bisset
Francis Pardeilhan As Bouquillon
Franziska Weisz As Granelli
Gerald Kyd As Michael Roche
Gerhard Koloneci As Demiri
Hal Yamanouchi As Capt. Akito Nakamura
Havana Alfarano Havana Alfarano As Maria
Isnaba Na Montche As Mesuli
Jack Greenlees As Douglas MacKinnon
Jacopo Olmo Antinori As Elijah
Jason Prempeh As Rafal Keita (as Jason Derek Prempeh)
Jucinei Adriano Cardoso As Juan (as Jucinei Cardoso)
Kari Corbett As Iona
Maddalena Vallecchi Williams As RCMP Officer
Marcus Marcelli Marcus Marcelli As Naval Officer
Margot Vanilla Caricati As Young Girl
Marleen Scholten As Laura Crowe
Maxence Dinant As French Driver
Melanie Neu As Chrissy Morton
Michele Favaro As Max
Nathalie Rapti Gomez As Receptionist
Paolo Bernardini As Aide
Pavel Zelinskiy As Ivan Devinik
Rachel Braunschweig As Miss Astier
Richard Ulfsäter As Kåre
Rune Temte As Aaren Stone
Sheena Hao As Weei Fu
Thierry Toscan As Fishmonger
Valeria Milillo As Francesca Delaware
Violetta Jackson As Sophia (as Violetta Calderini-Jackson)
Vittorio Fiorini As Louis Roche
Wayne Charles Baker As Kit
Yonv Joseph As Mousa Kofi

Episodes List:

1- Episode 1
2- Episode 2
3- Episode 3
4- Episode 4
5- Episode 5
6- Episode 6
7- Episode 7
8- Episode 8

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