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The Thaw (Odwilz) TV Series (2022)

The Thaw (Odwilz) TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

The Thaw (Odwilz) cast: Malgorzata Gorol, Sebastian Fabijanski, Boguslaw Linda. The Thaw (Odwilz) Release Date: 1 April 2022 (HBO Max). The Thaw (Odwilz) Episodes: 6. The Thaw (Odwilz) is looking full of Drama. Despite receiving a lot of criticism for the “disastrous” service we are seeing, HBO Max will premiere the series The Thaw, a new production for HBO Europe with Polish origin that aims to be a great success for the platform.

The Thaw (Odwilz) is a Polish Drama TV Series (2022). Malgorzata Gorol, Sebastian Fabijanski, Boguslaw Linda are the main cast of The Thaw (Odwilz) TV Series (2022). The Thaw is a crime drama and love story about the relationship between a mother and her seven-year-old daughter. It is a story that shows that we can find life even in the dark. This is exactly what the main character does during her investigation. The Thaw (Odwilz) released on HBO Max 1 April 2022.

HBO Max has presented a trailer for the Polish thriller Den Thaw from the author/director duo Marta Szymanek and Xawery Żuławski. The Thaw will be launched in all HBO Max territories on April 1 and the trailer comes a week after the streamer was launched in Poland. The show begins with the body of a young woman being found in the icy waters of the Oder River.

The Thaw (Odwilz) Plot:

The body of a young lady is found in the frigid waterway. The examination is driven by Zawieja for whom addressing the case will be a battle for herself.

The Thaw (Odwilz) Detail:

TV Series: The Thaw (Odwilz) (2022)
Network: HBO Max
Main Stars: Malgorzata Gorol, Sebastian Fabijanski, Boguslaw Linda
Genre: Drama
Countries: United Kingdom, Poland
Language: Polish
Release Date: 1 April 2022 (HBO Max)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Filming locations: Szczecin, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland
Also known As: The Thaw, Odwilz, The Thaw Season 1, The Thaw (2022)

The Thaw (Odwilz) Cast:

Malgorzata Gorol
Sebastian Fabijanski
Boguslaw Linda
Monika Krzywkowska
Bartlomiej Kotschedoff
Ewa Skibinska
Andrzej Grabowski
Cezary Lukaszewicz
Katarzyna Wajda As Katarzyna Zawieja
Piotr Zurawski
Marcelina Stepkowska
Juliusz Chrzastowski
Konrad Pawicki Konrad Pawicki

The newly appointed criminal police Katarzyna Zawieja (Katarzyna Wajda) leads the investigation to track down the killer and when it becomes clear that the victim gave birth shortly before her death, Zawieja, a young officer who never gives up easily, goes in search of the missing newborn. Executive producers are Izabela Łopuch, Johnathan Young and Antony Root and producers are Bogumił Lipski and Andrzej Beszta.

We will once again enjoy a new criminal series that HBO Europe likes so much for its different productions that arrive in our country. Meanwhile, complaints continue about its poor service within Spanish territory, since it seems to be getting worse since the brand was changed. The Thaw is produced by Bogumił Lipski, alongside Izabela Łopuch, Johnathan Young and Antony Root for HBO Europe.

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