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The Trial (Il Processo) 2020 | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

The Trial (Il Processo) 2020 | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

The Trial cast: Vittoria Puccini, Francesco Scianna, Camilla Filippi. The Trial Release Date: 10 April 2020 (Netflix). The Trial Episodes: 8. The Trial is looking full of Crime. Now I,m going to tells you all about The Trial (Il Processo) 2020.

The Trial (Il Processo) is an Italian Crime Series (2020). Vittoria Puccini, Francesco Scianna, Camilla Filippi are the main cast of The Trial (Il Processo) 2020. Exclusive scenes and previews of the new TV series of Canale 5 with Vittoria Puccini and Francesco Scianna, on-air from 10 April 2020 in the early evening.

It is an Italian judicial series that will arrive on Netflix on April 10. IL Processo’s also came out on Netflix Spain not long when it was announced. That is going to happen, first will be released in Poland and then it will be released for the rest. With the series of the process that on Netflix Spain is and puts its premiere on April 10.

The Trial Plot:

A gathering of characters is embroiled in the fierce homicide of Angelica, a 17 yo young lady required into an option that is greater than her: the investigator Elena Guerra, who finds to be constantly near the person in question; Ruggero Barone wild legal counselor who considers this preliminary an amazing possibility; Linda Monaco, the main respondent, who demands asserting her blamelessness. They all stroll on a razor’s edge scanning for reality, sitting tight for a decision, which will build up, in a way or another, another course for their lives.

The Trial Wiki:

TV Series: The Trial (Il Processo) 2020
Creator: Alessandro Fabbri
Main Stars: Vittoria Puccini, Francesco Scianna, Camilla Filippi
Genres: Crime
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Release Date: 10 April 2020 (Netflix)
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Also Known As: O Processo, The Trial Season 1, The Trial, Il Processo

The Trial Cast:

Vittoria Puccini As Elena Guerra
Francesco Scianna As Ruggero Barone
Camilla Filippi As Linda Monaco
Simone Colombari As Giacomo Andreoli
Maurizio Lastrico As Giovanni Malaguti
Alessandro Averone As Stefano Lanzoni
Euridice Axen As Mara Raimondi
Marco Baliani As Ottavio Arrigoni
Pia Lanciotti As Fabrizia Furlan
Giordano De Plano As Vittorio De Grandis
Roberto Herlitzka As Giancarlo Guerra
Margherita Caviezel As Angelica Petroni
Tommaso Ragno As Gabriele Monaco
Michele Morrone As Claudio Cavalleri
Antonio Zavatteri As Raffaele De Luca
Lisa Galantini
Irene Casagrande
Stefano Skalkotos As Tecnico di laboratorio
Giovanni Vettorazzo
Alessandro Giallocosta
Roberto Accornero
Tiziana Bagatella
Roberto Serpi
Valentina Beotti
Chiara Capitani
Giorgia Salari
Emanuele Basso As Dott. Liverani
Alessandra Carrillo As Segretaria Avv. Barone
Gianmarco Fochetti As Giulio Rizzo
Livia Lupatelli As Maestra Daniela
Fabio Melchionna
Orietta Notari As Suor Carola
Romeo Pellegrini As Matteo Vinci

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