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Titanic 666 (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Titanic 666 (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Titanic 666 cast: AnnaLynne McCord, Jamie Bamber, Joseph Gatt. Titanic 666 Release Date: 15 April 2022 (Tubi). Titanic 666 Director: Nick Lyon. Titanic 666 is looking full of Thriller. “Titanic 666″ is set to be released via”Titanic 666” on the American streaming site Tubi in the coming week. Jack and Rose are buried.

Titanic 666 is an American Thriller movie (2022). AnnaLynne McCord, Jamie Bamber, Joseph Gatt are the main cast of Titanic 666 (2022). Movies that are so-bad-that-they-become-good are a whole genre in themselves and the title seems to attract at least some curious people. Titanic 666 release on Tubi on 15 April 2022.

Icebergs aren’t the sole issue. Take a look at the trailer of the horror film “Titanic 666” or not, it’s fine as well. This year marks 100 years to the day that the luxurious cruise ship Titanic began its journey across the Atlantic from Southampton in the UK to New York. A mishap with an iceberg resulted in tragic events where half of the passengers who died were killed.

Titanic 666 Plot:

Dull powers from the profound ascent to the surface, threatening all on board from Titanic III and takes steps to rehash perhaps history’s most noteworthy fiasco.”

Titanic 666 Detail:

Movie: Titanic 666 (2022)
Network: Tubi
Director: Nick Lyon
Writers: Jacob Cooney, Jason White
Main Stars: AnnaLynne McCord, Jamie Bamber, Joseph Gatt
Genre: Thriller
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 15 April 2022 (Tubi)
Also Known As: Titanic 666, Titanic 666 (2022), Titanic 666 Movie

Titanic 666 Cast:

AnnaLynne McCord As Mia Stone
Jamie Bamber As Professor Hal Cochran
Joseph Gatt
Derek Yates As Jackson Stone
Keesha Sharp As Captain Celeste Rhoades
Lydia Hearst
Gigi Gustin As Shower Ghost
Kendall Chappell
Jhey Castles As Julie
Maurice Johnson As Collins
Cami Storm As Mom
DJames Jones As Dad
Sophie Jordan Collins As Nancy
Malinda Farrington As Elderly ghost
Brendan Petrizzo As Ghost Violinist
Giovannie Espiritu As Nancy
Xander Bailey As Captain Edward Smith
Andre Pelzer As Michael
Melissa Bidgoli As Ghost Astor
Tarnue Massaquoi As Sykes
Sylvia Barron As Passenger
Michael J. Chen
Kelly Kathleen As Panicked Passanger
Eve Vice As Ghost
Brittany Daley As Astor Ghost

Do you know a more effective way of paying homage on the occasion and paying tribute to the victims than to watch a b-horror film? Yes, probably. However, here’s the thing. In April 15th, the exact date on which the Titanic sinks The next catastrophe is set to strike through the form of “Titanic 666” is a horror film with supernatural elements produced by the famous Mockbuster Studio Asylum.

The story takes place on the newly constructed replica Titanic III, which will follow the exact route to America like the Titanic II did in the first place. The latest technology aboard is required to ensure that no accidents occur. However, when the Titanic III arrives at the site of the accident, strange things start to happen and dark forces appear to rise up onto the surface to completely take over the ship.

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