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Totally, Completely Fine TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Totally, Completely Fine TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Totally, Completely Fine cast: Rowan Witt, Lexie Hallett, Max Crean. Totally, Completely Fine Release Date: 20 April 2023 (Sundance Now). Totally, Completely Fine Episodes: 6. Totally, Completely Fine is looking full of Comedy. The Last Night of Soho and examines the intricacies that grief brings, as well as the strength of friendship, as well as the ways in which our sorrow can unite us.

Totally, Completely Fine is an American Comedy TV Series (2023). Rowan Witt, Lexie Hallett, Max Crean are the main cast of Totally, Completely Fine TV Series (2023). Strangely enough, they have the same reaction to her wild and nihilistic mentality. Perhaps, just maybe by helping these people and letting them go, she’ll eventually save herself. Totally, Completely Fine was released at Sundance Now on 20 April 2023.

Totally Completely Fine is an optimistic and moving comedy that explores the growing mental health crisis as well as the complexity of grief and the ways that our sorrow can unite us. The six-episode season is centered on Vivian Cunningham, who is close to ending her life. She’s unable to pay her bills and drinks more than she does. If she’s in the bath with the hairdryer, she’s decided on her own. Then she calls the phone.

Totally, Completely Fine Plot:

The show is about Vivian Cunningham, who winds in helping those who are near the edges, as she confronts her own comical disasters, like the time she accidentally burns down the vegan food truck of her brother using an e-cigarette.

Totally, Completely Fine Detail:

TV Series: Totally, Completely Fine (2023)
Network: Sundance Now
Main Stars: Rowan Witt, Lexie Hallett, Max Crean
Genre: Comedy
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 20 April 2023 (Sundance Now)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Filming locations: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Also Known As: Totally Completely Fine, Totally Completely Fine (2023), Totally Completely Fine Season 1

Totally, Completely Fine Cast:

Rowan Witt
Lexie Hallett As Young Vivien
Max Crean As Louis
Édgar Vittorino As Alejandro
John Noble As Wilkinson
Alan Dukes As Phil Matthews
Thomasin McKenzie
Devon Terrell
James Sweeny
Brigid Zengeni
Brandon McClelland
Matthew Alexander As Big John
Ana Corbett As Nina Alatini
Ruby O’Kelly As Mimi Buchanan
Domenic Anthony As Ray Wolf
Contessa Treffone

A twenty-something Vivian Cunningham ( Thomasin McKenzie ) wanders around in a rather chaotic fashion It is her fault for the accidental burning of the food truck of her brother, which specializes in vegan cuisine and, most importantly, an intoxicating smell of bacon. Then she inherits her grandfather’s tiny pad, which he lived in on a vantage point overlooking the coast and also on an edifice.

Initial Vivian was thrilled about being awed by her “luck” in having the most prestigious inheritance, but she is aware that her grandfather has cheated her. Thomasin McKenzie stars in this drama about depression and mental health. It follows the story of a girl with a life that is chaotic. She’s determined to end her life, however, one phone call alters everything.

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