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Troppo TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Troppo TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Troppo cast: Thomas Jane, Nicole Chamoun, David Lyons. Troppo Release Date: 20 May 2022 (Amazon Freevee). Troppo Episodes: 8. Troppo is looking full of Crime, Thriller.

Troppo is an American Crime-Thriller TV Series (2022). Thomas Jane, Nicole Chamoun, David Lyons are the main cast of Troppo TV Series (2022). “Troppo,” an Australian crime-mystery serial ” Troppo” will hit cinemas at Amazon Free on May 20, as one of the very first original series to debut on the newly rebranded streaming platform. “Troppo” first premiered on ABC TV in Australia last February. The news of its premiere on the US on IMDb TV was announced in August.

Based on the novel by Cameron Fox “Crimson Lake,” “Troppo” features Thomas Jane as Ted Conkaffey an ex-cop who is charged with a crime that which he did not commit. In the midst of hiding in North Queensland, he is hired by a private detective Amanda Pharrell (Nicole Chamoun) to assist in investigating an unusual murder case and locate the missing person.

Troppo Plot:

Ex-cop Ted Conkaffey is dishonestly blamed for upsetting wrongdoing. He escapes to the jungles of Far North Queensland and becomes ensnared with a recently framed private examination office.

Troppo Detail:

TV Series: Troppo (2022)
Network: Amazon Freevee
Creator: Yolanda Ramke
Main Stars: Thomas Jane, Nicole Chamoun, David Lyons
Genres: Crime, Thriller
Countries: United States, Australia
Language: English
Release Date: 20 May 2022 (Amazon Freevee)
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Runtime: 1 hour
Filming locations: Queensland, Australia
Also known As: Багровое озеро, Troppo, Troppo Season 1, Troppo (2022)

Troppo Cast:

Thomas Jane As Ted Conkaffey
Nicole Chamoun As Amanda
David Lyons As Damford
Sun Park As Yoon Sun
Ling Cooper Tang As Hench
Wendy P. Mocke As Maali
Yerin Ha As Ah Rah
Kate Beahan As Olivia
Thomas Weatherall As Charlie
Chenoa Deemal As Budd
Lucas Linehan As Milbee
Angela Punch McGregor As Dr. Val
Damien Garvey As Roy
Peta Wilson As Eve
Miranda Frangou As Georgie
Chris Alosio As Jayjay
Sara West As Brooke
Cramer Cain As Wayne
Sonny Le As Jong Min
Bryan Probets As Lars
Simon Lyndon As Twist
Caroline Brazier As Joanne
Josh Helman As Bryce
Rachael Ward As Lauren
Libby Munro As Anita
Radha Mitchell As Kelly
Molly Wright As Lilly
Andrew Lowe As Airport Worker
Chris Hillier As Airport Worker
Anna McGahan As Frankie
Clara Kim As Hye Jin
Yeon Woo Lee As Jin Ho
Angie Milliken As Ingrid
Molly Wright As Lilly
Irwin Tapscott As Neil
Patrick Jhanur As Wilson
Ian McFadyen As Vet
Perry Mooney As Vet Receptionist
David Cook As Trent
Jessi Robertson As Claire BIngley
Mia Maree Doyle As Little girl
Francis McMahon As John Morris
Suzanne Dervish-Ali As Female Airport Worker
Spencer Hermes-Rebello As Older Brother
Amelia Douglass As Celeste
Gabriela Groom As Hospital Receptionist
Thomas Larkin As Steve
Brittany Baldwin As Rockclimbing Backpacker
Robert Rhode As Paramedic 1
Helen Harvey As Mother
Jesse Turner As Paramedic 2
Presley Johnson As Rockclimbing Backpacker
Louis Le As TIm
Ozzie Devrish As Sketchy
Oakley Kwon As Melissa
Mikaela Bradshaw As Waitress

Troppo was written and developed by multi-award-winning filmmaker Yolanda Ramke. She directed the series along alongside acclaimed director Jocelyn Moorhouse, Catherine Millar, Ben Howling, and Grant Brown. Thomas Jane plays down-and-out ex-cop Ted Conkaffey, who is assigned to assist Amanda Pharell, an eccentric small-town private investigator who is played by Nicole Chamoun, to investigate the death of a brilliant tech innovator.

AGC Television, Troppo AGC Television, Troppo is the story of Ted Conkaffey, played by Thomas Jane (The Expanse, The Vanished), an ex-cop who is falsely accused of having committed an unsettling crime, who is hiding in the tropical lands of Far North Queensland. In his efforts to stay away from being discovered, he’s enticed to investigate a murder that is rife and a missing individual, along with a complex woman called Amanda Pharrell (played by Nicole Chamoun) who has deep secrets about her personal secrets of her own.

The show is based on the book Crimson Lake written by Candice Fox Too Much Season 1 examines Amanda’s dark past that including murder in her own home and sheds some light on Ted’s background in the outside world. Thomas Jane is best known for his role as detective Joe Miller in the expansion seasons 1 to 4 before being a part of the series in Season 5 and as the director.

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