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Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion cast: J.R. Villarreal, Scarlett Estevez, Jesse Gallegos. Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion Release Date: 3 June 2022 (Disney). Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion Episodes: 5. Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion is looking full of Comedy. “Ultra Violet and Black Scorpion” was created by American producers and writers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit. This isn’t the first time that they collaborate.

Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion is an American Comedy TV Series (2022). J.R. Villarreal, Scarlett Estevez, Jesse Gallegos are the main cast of Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion TV Series (2022). Disney Channel has two new live shows to air in June. The channel has announced the dates of their premieres for Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion and The Villains of Valley View. The two shows are focused on a pair of superheroes, and the other is about a villain family and will premiere on the 3rd of June.

The Villains from Valley View, which centers on a teenager supervillain and her family members who have to change their lives and re-brand themselves and will premiere with two episodes in a row at 8:00 PM EDT/PDT. Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion The show follows Mexican-American teenager Violet Rodriguez, who is selected to wear a mystical mask for wrestling which transforms her into the Ultra Violet superheroine, will be followed by two more episodes starting at 9:00 am EDT/PDT.

Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion Plot:

When a strange luchador veil picks Violet, she becomes superhuman Ultra Violet. Anxious to become renowned, Violet sets out determined to collab with the city’s popular vigilante hero, Black Scorpion.

Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion Detail:

TV Series: Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion (2022)
Network: Disney
Creators: Dan Hernandez, Benji Samit
Main Stars: J.R. Villarreal, Scarlett Estevez, Jesse Gallegos
Genre: Comedy
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 3 June 2022 (Disney)
Season: 1
Episodes: 5
Also known As: Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion, Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion Season 1, Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion (2022), Disney Show

Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion Cast:

J.R. Villarreal As Black Scorpion
Scarlett Estevez
Jesse Gallegos As Anónimo
Marianna Burelli As Nina Rodriguez
Kenneth Kynt Bryan As Shadow Dancer
Juan Alfonso As Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Barry Hanley As Mafia Member
Zelia Ankrum As Maya
Alexis Landry As Iris Ibarra
Bryan Blanco As Enrique Diaz-Diaz
Adam Horwitz As Thief
Bevin Bru As Miradora
Walker Babington As Motorcycle Mugger
Jonathan Medina As Hypnotico
Renes Rivera As El Gigante
Mathew Yanagiya As Security Guard
Barbara Laurean As Isabella

The two series will premiere shortly after Disney+. Prepare to cover and slay! Ultra Violet as well as Black Scorpion are here to bring the day back! If a mysterious luchador-like mask decides to go with Violet to be her super-hero, she is transformed into ULTRA Violet! Desiring to make her name well-known, Violet sets out on an adventure to join forces with the city’s famed vigilante superhero.

The show stars younger Latin actor Scarlett Estevez, who plays the role that is Violet Rodriguez. She has the ability to transform into a fierce superhero by wearing a mystical mask. The mask was revealed in the official trailer that was released earlier this week. In the trailer you will observe that the young lady isn’t on her own on her quest, but is joined by the uncle Cruz de la Vega, popular in the world of fiction in the form of Black Scorpion, a wrestling coach who will instruct her on how to make use of her unique abilities. The role is played by American actor JR Villarreal.

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