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Um Ano Inesquecivel – Verao Aka An Unforgettable Year – Summer (2023) Cast, Release Date Plot and Trailer

An Unforgettable Year – Summer cast: Lívia Inhudes, Micael Borges, Mariana Rios. An Unforgettable Year – Summer Release Date: 2 June 2023 (Prime Video). An Unforgettable Year – Summer Director: Cris D’Amato. An Unforgettable Year – Summer is looking full of Drama. A few months after news broke about their creation the two film An Unforgettable Year – Summer and An Unforgettable Year The fall season was again in the news.

Um Ano Inesquecivel – Verao Aka An Unforgettable Year – Summer is a Brazilian Drama movie (2023). Lívia Inhudes, Micael Borges, Mariana Rios are the main cast of Um Ano Inesquecivel – Verao Aka An Unforgettable Year – Summer (2023). The girl then is able to make use of her visit in Rio de Janeiro to try to get a job as a seamstress at Portela together with Carrie Catherine (Mariana Rios) an internationally renowned costume designer. Um Ano Inesquecivel Verao Aka An Unforgettable Year – Summer release date is Prime Video 2 June 2023.

Every short story and film is based on a specific season that occurs during the calendar year. The franchise An Unforgettable Year is the most recent addition to Prime membership. A young girl from the countryside hopes to study the fashion industry in Paris and is enrolled in Portela samba school. Portela samba academy to be run, following an endorsement letter from Carrie Catherine. This film is based on an original short story written by Thalita Reboucas.

An Unforgettable Year – Summer Plot:

Inha is a girl living in the countryside, who dreams of attending fashion school in Paris however, to achieve this, she requires an academic program that impresses assessors. There is only a few weeks until the end of summer to show some real knowledge of fashion.

An Unforgettable Year – Summer Detail:

Movie: Um Ano Inesquecivel – Verao Aka An Unforgettable Year – Summer (2023)
Network: Prime Video
Director: Cris D’Amato
Writers: Bruno Garotti, Sylvio Gonçalves, Maíra Oliveira
Main Stars: Lívia Inhudes, Micael Borges, Mariana Rios
Genre: Drama
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Release Date: 2 June 2023 (Prime Video)
Also Known As: Um Ano Inesquecivel – Verao, Unforgettable Year – Summer

An Unforgettable Year – Summer Cast:

Karol Araujo As Gabi
Zezeh Barbosa As Dona Maria
Barreto Jonathan Dantas Barreto As Dançarino 1
Wanderlucy Bezerra As Costureira 1
Emerson Carlos As Segurança da Quadra
Guilherme Dellorto As Heitor
Isaque Falcão As Rapaz
Júlia Gomes As Kaká
Pedro Henrique As Nando
Lívia Inhudes As Inha
Isaías As Joca
Thiago Justino As Presidente do Partido
Késia As Arlete
Helena Lara As Âncora do Telejornal
Diego Martins As Tavinho
André Mattos As Prefeito Otávio
Micael As Guima
André Nepomuceno As Funcionário do Galpão
Mestre Nilo As Mestre de Bateria
Angela Paz As Professora Marcia
Jorge Luiz Pereira As Rapaz
Patricia Ramos As MC Queilinha
Regina Sampaio As Vó da Inha
Duda Santos As Tati

Inha finds herself in love with Guima who is an artist of allegories and discovers the amazing world of Carnival. Her choices will cause her to change not just her own life but as well as the life of her family as well as those living in the tiny town where she resides. The story is based on the short story of Thalita Reboucas. In the story, Inha is faced with the prospect of a new love affair when she encounters Guima and is able to discover a universe filled with revelations about her.

Produced and directed by Lazaro Ramos, and based on the novel written by Babi Dewet. However, everything changes when winter hits and she has to accompany her parents to the ski resort of Chile. In the course of this trip in monochrome, she meets a new lover and discovers her true self and confronts her most intimate feelings. Leticia Spiller and Michel Joelsas are also in the cast for Winter.

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