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Waco: The Aftermath TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Waco: The Aftermath TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Waco: The Aftermath cast: Michael Shannon, Alexis Berent, Gary Cole. Waco: The Aftermath Release Date: 16 April 2023 (SHOWTIME). Waco: The Aftermath Episodes: 5. Waco: The Aftermath is looking full of Drama. The limited series of five episodes offers a more comprehensive explanation of the rapid growth in the US military.

Waco: The Aftermath is an American Drama TV Series (2023). Michael Shannon, Alexis Berent, Gary Cole are the main cast of Waco: The Aftermath TV Series (2023). A few years back, Waco premiered without much media attention, a program that chronicles the brutal struggle that the FBI continued to enforce in the face of Davidian sect. Waco: The Aftermath release on SHOWTIME on 16 April 2023.

The book examines the circumstances and legal consequences faced by the victims of Branch Davidian following the Waco, Texas tragedy in 1993. It also traces the tragic events that led to the rise of the “Patriot” movement, which led to the terrorist attack that took place in Oklahoma City. The series is a celebration of an anniversary on the 30th anniversary at Mount Carmel. The show has been produced through 101 Studios and Spyglass.

Waco: The Aftermath Plot:

Investigating the different levels of justice experienced by survivors of Branch Davidians; tracing the terrible events that fuelled the growing Patriot movement, which led to the act of Oklahoma City.

Waco: The Aftermath Detail:

TV Series: Waco: The Aftermath (2023)
Creators: Drew Dowdle, John Erick Dowdle
Main Stars: Michael Shannon, Alexis Berent, Gary Cole
Genre: Drama
Country: United States
Release Date: 16 April 2023 (SHOWTIME)
Season: 1
Episodes: 5
Also known As: American Tragedies: Waco: The Trials, Waco: The Aftermath, Waco: The Aftermath (2023)

Waco: The Aftermath Cast:

Michael Shannon As Gary Noesner
Alexis Berent As Rachel Jones
Gary Cole As Gordon Novel
Michael Cassidy As BILL JOHNSTON
Sasheer Zamata As Angie Graham
Kali Rocha As Ruth Riddle
Alex Breaux As Timothy McVeigh
Crystal Mayes As Branch Davidians
Martha Magruder As Aubyn Howe
Mark Speno As Doug Tinker
Michael Vincent Berry As George Roden
Isidoro Perez As ATF Agent Ballesteros
Nicholas Kolev As Paul Fatta
Matthew Menalo As Rocket Rosen
Shea Whigham As Mitch Decker
Giovanni Ribisi As Dan Cogdell
Annika Marks As Kathy Schroeder
Paul Dillon As Pappy Millar
Travis Hammer As Wild Bill
Tim Misuradze As Austin Boak
Megan Elisabeth Kelly As Karen Doyle
Michael Luwoye As Livingstone Fagan
Chip Carriere As Richard Snell
Mimi Fletcher As Lori Rae
Edgar Damatian As Bartender
Joe Pistone As Frank
Brody Pagan As Branch Davidian
Owen Conway As Derelict
Anthony Pagliaro Jr. As Court Bailiff
Zach Rose As Prison Warden
Eric T. Esparza As Joe Turner
Dother Sykes As DOJ Suit
Andrew Kern As Chef
John Leguizamo As Jacob Vasquez
J. Smith-Cameron As Lois Roden
Abbey Lee As Carol Howe
David Costabile As Judge Smith
Keean Johnson As Vernon Howell
John Hoogenakker As Clive Doyle

The sequel, which stars Michael Shannon and John Leguizamo will examine the consequences of the FBI’s allegations of wrongdoing that led to the devastating fire. The series, which is scheduled to air in five episodes, will explore how the events unfolded following the catastrophe as well as the trials of survivors Branch Davidian members, and the rise of the local criminal Timothy McVeigh.

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