What Gonna Happen on Wonder Woman 1984, Trailer, Spoiler, Theory

What Gonna Happen on Wonder Woman 1984, Trailer, Spoiler, Theory

What Gonna Happen on Wonder Woman 1984, Trailer, Spoiler, Theory and everything you need to know about this New Upcoming Movie Wonder Woman 1984. Here are all of the new Wonder Woman 1984 details hot on the heels of birds of prey being number one at the box office.

It looks like DC’s gearing up for its next superhero outing with this June’s. Wonder Woman 1984, however, details about this sequel have been pretty Spartan so far get it anyway mmm not a whole Lots have officially been revealed thus far apart from the bright new ad setting.

A single glorious trailer, fortunately, our colleagues over at entertainment weekly had a chance to sit down with the cast and crew behind the film and find out a few more tidbits and specifics about what’s in store for this neon soap sequel.


Let’s get the spoiler warning out of the way right now because we know. We’re gonna be discussing water over 1984 majority knew that because you clicked the video or maybe you ended up here by accident because of autoplay or whatever portal Steve Trevor fell through in that plane at the end who knows.

We’re not here to judge and that’s not a spoiler that’s just me riffing anyway. If you’re sticking around please give us a like and subscribe now first of all the question on everyone’s mind is what’s going on with Diana Prince. What Gonna Happen on Wonder Woman 1984, Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer, Wonder Woman 1984 Spoiler, Wonder Woman 1984 Theory, Wonder Woman, we knew there was gonna be a bit of a retcon for wonderful in 1984.

Her backstory in Batman V Superman stated that she went into hiding after World War 1 only to emerge nearly a hundred years later in BVS so what she’d been up to during all of that downtime. Well, apparently the gift of immortality has taken its toll on her psyche executive producer Charles Roven elaborated on this saying.

She’s lost nearly all the people that are important to her because they are not immortal and her life is actually quite lonely and Spartan, in fact, the only joy that she gets out of it is when she’s actually doing something for people. If she can help those in need that’s pretty sad to hear but at least she’s using her pain to help people.

Now, of course, that’s not the only question on fans Minds as I mentioned before how was Steve Trevor aka Chris Pine returned to the land of the living considering that he got blown up during a bad case of playing explosion. It is in the first movie now, unfortunately, this article doesn’t outright spill the beans on what brought Steve Trevor back from the dead.

It does give us a new look at the dynamic between Diana and Steve Chris Pine says in the first movie. I played the World War II soldier who’s seen all the depravity that humankind is capable of displaying. This one I get to be much more wide-eyed and joyful my roles really just is a friend lover boyfriend come bodyguard who’s trying his best to help Diana on her mission.

I’m like the Watson to her Holmes to which we say there’s a lot of Sherlock Holmes adaptations but honestly, I’ll make room to watch this one as well.


Now, of course, we have our own theory about how Steve Jever might be back in the land of the living how he shuffles back onto that mortal coil. It has to do with the film’s villain Maxwell Lord in the comics Lord has a version of telepathic manipulation that he uses to get others to do his dirty work but in the film, his powers might be a little different.


Now according to Pedro Pascal who’s playing Lord, he revealed this about the character Max is a dream seller. It’s this character who encompasses a component of the era which is you know to get whatever you want. What Gonna Happen on Wonder Woman 1984, Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer, Wonder Woman 1984 Spoiler, Wonder Woman 1984 Theory. However, you can you’re entitled to it and at any cost ultimately which represents a huge part of our culture.

This kind of unabashed its greed we think the keyword here is that he’s a dream seller. It’s not hard to see a scenario where Diana and the audience dream of getting Steve Trevor back. We would imagine Maxwell Lord finding a way to get her to wish to come true but the bigger question is at what cost. Now it’s worth noting that Maxwell Lord isn’t the only villain in this movie because the film’s also going to have Kristen Wiig played Diana Prince’s friend turned nemesis Barbara Minerva aka cheetah.

What Gonna Happen on Wonder Woman 1984

While we’ve still yet to see cheetahs feline form one item that had fans hyped was the reveal of Wonder Woman’s iconic golden warrior armor which was made famous by the 1996 comic book series Kingdom Come but how is she gonna get her hands on these new duds. In this movie is she maybe gonna return to that mascara at some point maybe take the invisible jet which she’s definitely flying.

I will get to in a moment now we know there’s gonna be flashbacks to the island plus as I mentioned as I tease she’s gonna be flying her invisible jet as well. Now, this is just speculation but it would make sense if she wanted to return to the hidden island that she would have to do so using an invisible set of wings.


You can’t just take a Delta flight to famous Kira you have to make a layover or like three it’s horrible now we also found out that one of the film’s action set-pieces is gonna take place at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue which comic book fans will recognize as the white house from DC Comics also real-life look outside.

That’s why it’s gonna leave the residential home partially demolished uh-oh however there’s one detail that’s still throwing us for a loop it’s the reveal that the film is also going to feature an explosive high-speed chase through a mad max-style desert which. What Gonna Happen on Wonder Woman 1984, Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer, Wonder Woman 1984 Spoiler, Wonder Woman 1984 Theory. Let’s be honest fury road + Wonder Woman.

I mean look you’ve just like activated all the serotonin in my brain at once now all in all we’re excited to see many of our burning questions get answered once Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters this June but god damn is that a long wait in the meantime what do you folks think are you excited for Wonder Woman 1984 how do you think Steve Trevor got undead it and not like zombified like the opposite of dead and wide a DC skip right to 1984 without releasing Wonder Woman – through 1983.

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