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(Whipped) (Bucin) (2020) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

(Whipped) (Bucin) (2020) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

(Whipped) (Bucin) cast: Andovi Da Lopez, Jovial Da Lopez, Tommy Limm. (Whipped) (Bucin) Release Date: 18 September 2020 (Netflix). (Whipped) (Bucin) Director: Chandra Liow. (Whipped) (Bucin) is looking full of Comedy, Drama, Romance. Now I,m going to tells you all about (Whipped) (Bucin) (2020).

(Whipped) (Bucin) is a Indonesian Comedy-Drama Movie (2020). Andovi Da Lopez, Jovial Da Lopez, Tommy Limm are the main cast of (Whipped) (Bucin) (2020). The film Bucin recounts to the tale of 4 companions (Andovi, Tommy, Jovial and Chandra) who attempt to escape an undesirable relationship since they are BUCIN (Slaves of Love).

Andovi, whose pastime is playing b-ball, is dating Kirana. In that association, Andovi resembles an application made by the country’s kids. He can get and drop off, leave shopping administrations, send food, take care of tabs, rub, move e-cash. COMPLETE! Much the same as Andovi, Tommy is bucin as well! Tommy is gathering investment funds to wed Julia. All together for this union with occur, Tommy has relinquished numerous things. Tommy is caught up in dealing with wedding arrangements and managing other muddled issues.

(Whipped) (Bucin) Plot:

Four youngsters – each with their own adoration issues – try out a ‘hostile to whipped’ class to break free from being oppressed by affection.

(Whipped) (Bucin) Wiki:

Movie: Bucin: (2020)
Network: Netflix
Director: Chandra Liow
Writer: Jovial Da Lopez
Main Stars: Andovi Da Lopez, Jovial Da Lopez, Tommy Limm
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Release Date: 18 September 2020 (Netflix)
Runtime: 97 minutes
Filming Locations: Jakarta, Indonesia
Also Known As: Whipped, Bucin, Bucin 2020

Bucin 2020 Poster
Bucin 2020 Poster

(Whipped) (Bucin) Cast:

Andovi Da Lopez As Andovi
Jovial Da Lopez As Jovi
Tommy Limm As Tommy
Chandra Liow As Chandra
Susan Sameh As Vania
Karina Salim As Julia
Kezia Aletheia As Cilla
Ibob Tarigan As Indra
Widika Sidmore As Kirana
Gading Marten
Deddy Corbuzier
Uus Uus
Helmy Yahya
Niniek L. Karim
Yudha Keling
David Beat
Andhika Pratama
Ussy Sulistiawaty

A lighthearted comedy about the tale of four companions who are constantly considered BUCIN, so they choose to join an “Against BUCIN” class so as to have a more adult relationship. They four before long understood that not exclusively did the class have a bizarre showing technique, yet it additionally imperiled their relationship with their accomplices.

Notably, the technique utilized by Vania is extraordinary. This class utilizes the ESCAPE ROOM idea to make them so they don’t get Bucin. They can’t escape the room until they can fathom Vania’s riddle. In this class, Chandra is consistently the most energized in light of the fact that he feels that he is a Master Escape Room. (Whipped) (Bucin) cast: Andovi Da Lopez, Jovial Da Lopez, Tommy Limm. (Whipped) (Bucin) Release Date: 18 September 2020 (Netflix). Then, Andovi frequently needs to stop since he feels that his class is futile.

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