Wicked City Season 2 Episode 4: Cast, Release Date & Where To Watch

Wicked City Season 2 | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Wicked City is an American Drama TV Series (2022-Present). Wicked City Season 2 Episode 4 cast: Shaquita Smith, Chanel Mack, Kamilah Meek. Wicked City Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date: November 9, 2023 (Allblk). Wicked City Season 2 Episodes: 8.

Wicked City Season 2 Episode 4 Plot:

Sherise discovers the possibility of escape when the Handler gives her a deal she’s not able to take down; Jordan and Darletra work together after discovering Julius isn’t the person he appears to be.

What is the Wicked City About:

Between their complicated private lives, uncovering secrets from the past, and battling an evil monster, the Sherise clan is about to embark on the most terrifying ride in their entire lives.

Rhonda portrays Claudette LeNoir. She is a formidable and dangerous witch whose desire for revenge is compelling. She has stripped of her magic a long time ago, the vicious witch insists that nobody can stop her. She performs with a stunning style that will be remembered in the history books as a classic pop-culture performance. Wicked City follows five urban witches as they seek to take their magical powers to new levels.

Then, reluctantly, Camille joins the women to cast a spell, but the situation takes a dangerous turn that leads to an accident and death. Witches immediately cast a cursed ritual of resurrection, however, it’s already late as a sinister and sinister creature is resurrected to the opposite side. Between their complicated personal lives, uncovered hidden secrets from the past, and the battle to stop the powerful creature, this clan is set to face the most terrifying race of their lives.

Wicked City Season 2 Episode 4 Detail:

Episode Name: Lovers but Never Friends
Network: ALLBLK
Main Stars: Shaquita Smith, Chanel Mack, Chantal Maurice
Genre: Drama
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: November 9, 2023 (Allblk)
Season: 2
Total Episodes: 8
Episode NUmber: 4
Also Known As: Wicked City, Wicked City Season 2 Ep 4, Wicked City Season 2 (2023), Allblk Series

Wicked City Season 2 Episode 4 Trailer:

Wicked City Season 2 Episode 4 Cast:

Shaquita Smith As Jordan
Gary Anthony Sturgis As Julius
Chanel Mack As Sherise Baker
Maurice P. Kerry As The Handler 2
Kamilah Meek As Faith
Marco Reese Maldonado As Javi
Chantal Maurice As Angela

Episodes List:

1. Obsidian Nightmare – (Thu Oct 19, 2023)
2. The Devil You Know – (Thu Oct 26, 2023)
3. Secrets and Alliances – (Thu Nov 02, 2023)
4. Lovers but Never Friends – (Thu Nov 09, 2023)
5. Centuries – (Thu Nov 16, 2023)
6. The Lion Dens – (Thu Nov 19, 2023)

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