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Wine Country (2019) | Cast, Budget, Box office | And Everything You Need to Know

Wine Country (2019) | Cast, Budget, Box office | And Everything You Need to Know

Wine Country cast: Maya Erskine, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph. Wine Country Budget: $22 Million. Wine Country Release Date: 10 May 2019. Wine Country Box office: Coming Soon. Wine Country Movie is looking full of comedy. I highly recommended for those who are looking for the comedy-drama film. Now I,m going to tells you all about Wine Country (2019) | Cast, Budget, Box office | And Everything You Need to Know.

Wine Country is an American Comedy film 2019. Maya Erskine, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph are the main cast of Wine Country (2019). As great as the cast sounds. this film just looks like a mess all over the place. Looks like Grown Ups with women. Sideways is still the number one wine movie. Whatever is said is probably what they always felt, the alcohol just let it out.

I like wine and these ladies so now we just need a plot I can care about. fingers crossed. It’s Mama Mia meets Calendar Girls meets Girls Trip meets Rough Night meets Bridesmaids. These movies are just excuses for the actors to hang out at a winery all summer.

So just act retarded and you will become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. A Drunker Bridesmaids Meets Sideways With Less Funny Kristen Wiig Rebel Wilson/Melissa McCarthy types. I’ll wait for it to come to Netflix and watch it.

Wine Country
Wine Country
Wine Country
Wine Country

Wine Country Plot:

At the point when a gathering of long-lasting lady friends goes to Napa for the end of the week to praise their companion’s 50th birthday celebration, pressures from the past bubble over.

Wine Country Wiki:

Film: Wine Country (2019)
Director: Amy Poehler
Director: Amy Poehler
Production company: Paper Kite Productions
Screenplay: Emily Spivey, Liz Cackowski
Story by: Amy Poehler, Emily Spivey, Liz Cackowski
Writers: Liz Cackowski, Emily Spivey
Main Stars: Maya Erskine, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph
Genres: Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 10 May 2019
In Theaters: 8 May 2019 Limited
On Disc/Streaming: 10 May 2019
Runtime: 100 minutes
Studio: Netflix
Budget: $22 Million
Box office: Coming Soon
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 78%
Metacritic Rating: 67%
Filming Locations: Napa, California, USA
Also Known As: Wine Country, Wine Country (2019)

Wine Country (2019) Poster
Wine Country (2019) Poster

Wine Country Cast:

Maya Erskine As Jade
Amy Poehler As Abby
Maya Rudolph As Naomi
Tina Fey As Tammy
Ana Gasteyer As Catherine
Jason Schwartzman As Devon
Cherry Jones As Miss Sunshine
Paula Pell As Val
Kate Comer As Clem
Rachel Dratch As Rebecca
Sunita Mani As Dolly
Greg Poehler As Doctor
Liz Cackowski As Lisa
Marcella Bragio As Tourist
Jason Greene As Freckle

Here is the detail of Wine Country (2019) | Cast, Budget, Box office | And Everything You Need to Know. First Amy Poehler co-created a cartoon show and now she’s directing a movie. Just goes to show you how much thumbnails play a part in views. Based on these movies, you would think that women can’t do anything original, they just copy man movies.

Wine Country
Wine Country

We can expect from Netflix now that everything else is being withdrawn. This looks like a movie for old people. I’m kinda tired of old American women trying to act like drunk teenage girls, no dignity. Artists make their worst work when they’re with Netflix.

This movie looks better than Bridesmaids. Maybe they thought, hey let’s not put any of the funny bits in the trailer cos it had only spoil the film. Yeah, that’s probably it. It’s like sideways but in horrible and with very ugly women.

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