Wolfsland Episode 14 | Cast, Release Date | And Everything You Need to Know

Wolfsland Episode 13 | Cast, Release Date | And Everything You Need to Know

Wolfsland is a German Crime-Drama TV Series (2016-Present). Wolfsland Episode 14 Götz Schubert, Yvonne Catterfeld, Jan Dose. Wolfsland Episode 14 Release Date: December 28, 2023 (Das Erste).

Wolfsland Episode 14 Release Date:

Episode 14 of Wolfsland will be released on December 25 at 9 PM, Monday on Das Erste.

Wolfsland Episode 14 Plot:

In this episode, a deceased graduate biologist, billionaire investor, a spooky house, and a rare beetle draw the interest of the detectives Burkhard “Butsch” Schulz (Gotz Schubert) and Viola Delbruck (Yvonne Catterfeld) They are now working each other.

As they are both investigating the same case. Dr. Grimm (Stephan Grossmann) has been restored and is now back in his executive chair however, his behavior is quite bizarre given his situation.

Butsch considers the prosecutor Anne Konzak (Christina Grosse) and wonders what the ramifications are for both of the ladies. Viola is awed by a dream and is confronted with a fresh plan for motherhood.

Wolfsland Episode 14 Detail:

Episode Name: Episode 14
Network: Das Erste
Director: Ole Zapatka
Writers: Sönke Lars Neuwöhner, Sven Poser
Main Stars: Götz Schubert, Yvonne Catterfeld, Jan Dose
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Country: Germany
Language: German
Release Date: December 26, 2023 (Das Erste)
Season: 1
Total Episodes: 14 (To be Confirm)
Episode Number: 14
Also known As: Vilkų žemė, Wolfsland Episode 14, wolfsland folge 13

Wolfsland Episode 14 Trailer:

Wolfsland Episode 14 Cast:

Yvonne Catterfeld As Viola Delbrück
Adrian Djokic As Polizist
Tim Gernitz As Barkeeper
Christina Große As Staatsanwältin Anne Konzak
Jan Dose As Uli Jakob Böhme
Stephan Grossmann As Dr. Grimm
Ute Lubosch As Nachbarin
David Ruland As Jens Strauss
Anni Kaltwasser As Polizistin Doreen Witte
Götz Schubert As Burkhard Schulz
Valery Tscheplanowa As Lili Finck
Petra Zieser As Rose Delbrück

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