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Banded the Musician Competition TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Banded the Musician Competition TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Banded the Musician Competition cast: Didi Benami, Wendy Starland, Alicia Chase. Banded the Musician Competition Release Date: 13 May 2023 (AXS). Banded the Musician Competition Episodes: 7. Banded the Musician Competition is looking full of Reality-TV. Banded is a perfect match to our expanding collection of brand-new music-related programming, which puts new spins on the classic musical competition.

Banded the Musician Competition is an American Reality-TV Show (2023). Didi Benami, Wendy Starland, Alicia Chase are the main cast of Banded the Musician Competition TV Series (2023). Brandon Jenner will host the music competition show Banded to air on AXS TV. The show will feature 25 contestants put in bands, along with producers and songwriters guiding the contestants. Banded the Musician Competition release on AXS 13 May 2023.

AXS TV’s digital and national platforms are exceptionally robust, providing viewers with multiple ways to access our content. We hope this will mark the beginning of a long-lasting partnership among AXS TV as well as BANDED and we are looking forward to working with BANDED as we progress towards the next. The first season features eight new episodes.

Banded the Musician Competition Plot:

The show airs on AXSTV 25 musicians compete across genres performing live for the Record Contract. The viewers get a behind the of the scenes view of working and the creativity that goes into breaking bands. BANDED does not focus on any particular genre, but the Executive Producers sought interesting performers and music producers to form the next generation of successful bands.

Banded the Musician Competition Detail:

TV Series: Banded the Musician Competition (2023)
Network: AXS
Creators: Nico Albano, Joe Norelli
Main Stars: Didi Benami, Wendy Starland, Alicia Chase
Genre: Reality-TV
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 13 May 2023 (AXS)
Season 1
Episodes 7
Filming locations: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Also Known As: Banded the Musician Competition, Banded the Musician Competition (2023), Banded the Musician Competition Season 1

Banded the Musician Competition Cast:

Didi Benami As CO-Host
Wendy Starland As Self
Alicia Chase As Self
Jaclyn Kenyon As Self
Allie Sealey As Self
Molly Rose As Self
Joela Oliver As Self
Liahona Olayan As Self
Dani Ivory As House Band
Diarra Sylla As Judge
Sharon Kamide As Guitar
Kelsey Cook As Self
Brandon Jenner As Host
Jason Scheff As Bass
Bill Champlin As House Band
Isaac Velasquez As Self
Santiago Ordonez As Self
Chris Shupe As Self
Ammon Olayan As Self
Leo Roriz As Self
Jim RIley As Drums
Andrew Parrott As Self
Justin Wilson As Self
Dave Pahanish As Self
Mark Schulman As Judge
Billy Cox As Self
Steve Diamond As Self
Michael Simeon As Self
William James Touri As Self
Corey Mac As Self
DJ Swivel As Judge
Pablo Falcon As Self
John Haywood As Self
Mic Smith As Self
Zachary May As Self
Sergio Cannata As Self
James Watkins As Guitar
Joey Castro As Self
Robert Mendoca As Self
Eli Haneca As Self
Kevin Lyman As Mentor
Ebersold,T. Paul As Self
Kip Winger As Mentor
Steve Azar As Mentor

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