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Boat Story Episode 1: Cast, Release Date & Where To Watch

Boat Story is a United Kingdom Drama-Thriller TV Series (2024). Boat Story cast: Daisy Haggard, Paterson Joseph, Michele Austin. Boat Story Release Date: March 12, 2024 (Amazon Freevee). Boat Story Total Episodes: 6.

Boat Story is a United Kingdom Drama-Thriller TV Series (2024). Daisy Haggard, Paterson Joseph, Michele Austin are the main cast of Boat Story TV Series (2024). The British series Boat Story has little to do to the dream vessel. What’s Promised is a darkly funny thriller with a Breaking Bad premise.

Dubois Records releases the soundtrack composed by Dominik Szerrer of the TV miniseries Boat Story (2023) created by Harry and Jack Williams. Boat Story releases on Amazon Freevee 12 March 2024.

Boat Story Plot:

Two smug strangers discover an obscene amount of cocaine in an unrepairable ship. After deciding to sell the drug and split the money and then snare it, they are entangled by police, masked hitmen, and an armed gangster known as “The Tailor”.

Boat Story Detail:

TV Series: Boat Story (2024)
Network: Amazon Freevee
Creators: Harry Williams, Jack Williams
Main Stars: Daisy Haggard, Craig Fairbrass, Tchéky Karyo
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Release Date: March 12, 2024 (Amazon Freevee)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Filming locations: Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, UK
Also Known As: Boat Story Season 1, Boat Story (2024)

Boat Story Trailer:

Boat Story Cast:

Daisy Haggard As Janet Campbell
Paterson Joseph As Samuel Wells
Michele Austin As Camilla Wells
Ethan Lawrence As PC Ben Tooh
Joanna Scanlan As Pat Tooh
Tchéky Karyo As The Tailor
Ólafur Darri Ólafsson As Narrator
Craig Fairbrass As Guy
Oliver Sheridan Oliver Sheridan As Alan Jeffries
Cherie Gordon As Anya Wells
Rick S. Carr As Dennis
Jason Pennycooke As Other Samuel
Phil Daniels As Craig Dodds
John O’Neill As Bottlehead
Matthew Mellalieu As Big Pete
William Fox As Gaz
Lucy Montgomery As Other Janet
Paul-Hector Antoine As Young Benoît
Craig Kelly As Peter Jeffries
Nigel Betts As Superintendent Hodgson
Danielle Warwick As Suzie Jeffries
Adam Gillen As Vinnie Douglas
Samuel Holland As Little Pete
Nico Rogner As Pierre
Joseph Kennedy As Dr. Weathers
Jonas Armstrong As Arthur Lake
Kate Dickie As Katia
Danny Scheinmann As Mr. Pascal
Danny Kirrane As Harold
Lloyd Lai As Waiter
Charlie Hamblett As Benoît
Jude Coward Nicoll As Boy 1
Daya Singh Athwal As Boy 2
Alexander Brooks As Other The Tailor
Maxwell Whitelock As Boy 3
Nigel Collins As Keith
Mhairi Calvey As PC Jenny
John Henshaw As Nigel
Joanne Gerrard As Customer
Rom Blanco As French Man
Shakil Hussain As ICU Doctor – Dr Allan Bettum
Rachael Hayden As PC Jennings
Patrick Jeffries As Hospital Porter
Kyle Abdullah As Mark Finch
Maxim Simaitis As Young Tailor
Simon Meacock As Stallholder
Tara Daniels As Food Van Woman
JoJo Kelly As Duty Nurse
Sophie Lucas As A&E Nurse
Nicola Sanderson As Registrar
Dominic Weatherill As Greg Lake
Chris Hoyle As Barman
Phil Dunning As Andrew
Kerem Kocaer As The Tailor’s Father
Misha Duncan-Barry As ICU Nurse
Diane Beck As Guy’s Wife
Danny Morgan As Man
Jayne Tunnicliffe As Jehovah’s Witness
Matt Jamie As Mr Stanley
Francesca Mills As Belinda
Joey Akubeze As The Tailor’s Client
Gabriel Palmer As Archery Kid
Sheridan Sherratt As Newsreader
Matthew Bird As Other Guy
Benedict Shaw As PC Colin Newton
Susannah Edgley As Pottery Teacher
Sean Henry As Man at Pottery Studio

When faced with extraordinary circumstances, the concept of ordinary individuals who make uncertain decisions is utilized to great effect in the Williams Brothers. Williams brothers, beginning with an unreliable narrator as an unblinking referee in the VAR. They then continue with the help of a great cast of interpreters who can make the most unlikely story plausible.

A huge cocaine find transforms two criminals into traders on “Boat Story.” The motive behind this sudden frenzied behavior is the delicate financial state of Janet and the fact that Janet struggling to get over her divorce, and being an unfortunate victim in a fatal workplace accident, she is nearing the edge of total poverty.

Episodes List:

1. Episode 1
2. Episode 2
3. Episode 3
4. Episode 4
5. Episode 5
6. Episode 6

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