Bosé TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Bosé TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Bosé cast: Iván Sánchez, José Pastor, Alicia Borrachero. Bosé Release Date: 1 December 2022 (Paramount+). Bosé Episodes: 6. Bosé is looking full of Biography, Drama, Music. Ivan Sanchez is celebrating his birthday. Spanish actor Ivan Sanchez (47) is happy, not just because he’s one day away from celebrating his birthday but due to the fact that his professional career is growing upwards.

Bosé is a Spanish Biography-Drama TV Series (2022). Iván Sánchez, José Pastor, Alicia Borrachero are the main cast of Bosé TV Series (2022). It is the Spanish model and actor Ivan Sanchez, who has participated in the production of the life and times of Miguel Bose “Yo sere” where he is the role of a singer on the stage of his maturity. Bosé releases will be released on Paramount+ the 1st of December 2022.

The actor played the role of doctor Raul Lara for the above series, but isn’t happy with the results however, he has been working involved in the kitchen of “MasterChef Stars”. Ivan Sanchez is having a remarkable professional experience when he first appeared on the TV show “Hospital Central” and has seen an incredible rise since then, becoming an extremely well-known actor in Spain.

Bosé Plot:

Explores the long-running career of the record-breaking Spanish musician and singer Miguel Bose.

Bosé Detail:

TV Series: Bosé (2022)
Network: Paramount+
Creator: Nacho Faerna
Main Stars: Iván Sánchez, José Pastor, Alicia Borrachero
Genres: Biography, Drama, Music
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 1 December 2022 (Paramount+)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Runtime: 52 minutes
Also Known As: Bosé, Bosé Season 1, Bosé (2022)

Bosé Cast:

Iván Sánchez As Miguel Bosé
José Pastor As Miguel Bosé
Alicia Borrachero As Tata Remedios
Ana Jara As Rosa Lagarrigue
Valeria Solarino As Lucia Bosé
Nacho Fresneda As Luis Miguel Dominguín
Gabriel Guevara As Nacho Duato
Óscar Higares As Domingo Dominguín
Raquel Salamanca As Ana Obregón
Hugo Fuertes As Miguel niño
Débora Izaguirre As Rosa Lagarrigue
José Sospedra As Pablo
Daniel Chamorro As Tomás Molina
María García-Concha As Rosi
Ana Torrent As Rosario Primo de Rivera
Miguel Ángel Muñoz As Julio Iglesias
José Emilio Vera As Editor in chief
Giuseppe Romano As Maurizio Salvadori
Felipe Muñoz As Jardinero
Mariela Garriga As Giannina Facio
Nikol Kollars As Dr. Los Angeles (2022)
Fernando Gil As Toncho Nava
Juan Dávila As Alfredo Fraile
César Mateo As Richi
Lucas Blas As Carlos Berlanga Niño
Bianca Panconi As Barbara Nascimbene
Izan Fernández As José Luis Vergara
Roberto Zibetti As Marco Panella
Bárbara Santa-Cruz As Mercedes Mila
Diego Garisa As Carlos Berlanga
Natalie Pinot As French producer
Yoima Valdés As Gloria Cabrera
María Cecilia Sánchez As Helga
Verónica Gregory As Pilar
María Ruiz As Lucía Dominguín Niña
Cristhian Esquivel As Colombian Policeman
Daniel Huarte As José María Iñigo
Ileana Wilson As Miriam
Rosa Álvarez As Dance Teacher
Maite Gil As Pablo’s mother
Georges Celestin As Hombre de Negocio
Claudia Ferranti As Elsa Martinelli
Laura Arjona As La Flaca
Alejandro Jato As José Luis Gimenez
Gabriel Ignacio As Alexandre
Marta Yanci As Lucia Dominguin
Ramón Robles As Heavy
Jero García As Fernando
Beatriz Argüello As Paola Dominguín
Alejandro Marzal As Colombian Policeman
Pablo de Santos As Young Dominguín
Arnau Puig As Pedro Del Hierro
Elizabeth Hanfei Porras Liu As Chabeli Iglesias
Enrico Vecchi As Roberto Colombo
Rodrigo Villagrán As Presentador Viña del Mar
Ángel Burgos As Priest
Pepe Carrasco As Cabdriver
Daniele Bulian As Ayte. Dirección Almeria
Pablo Quijano As Manolito
Alfredo Zamora As Tall parishian
Nacho Rubio As Ramón Arcusa
Antonio Estrada As Pepe Dominguín
Javier Ruiz de Alegría As Primo de Rivera
Ana Trinidad As Antonia
Alba López As Karina
Óscar Oliver As Jaime
Laura Andrés Morell As Florida Park’s production assistant
Claudia Sierra As Corista
Pablo Castellano As Domingo Padre
Rachel Mastin As Sylvie
Tania Medina As Writer

In relation to his involvement in the series, Sanchez was “very content with the results” and believes the fact that being able to portray the singer, who has known for over 25 years, is “one of the five or four gems that are revealed in the career of an actor”. “Miguel seems charming. he’s just like everyone else who has a special life, but he’s friendly, educated, and an excellent storyteller,” said the 48-year-old actor and model on Miguel Bose, demonstrating that in addition to his personality, he’s also explosive and controversial on TV the show isn’t the same when people are familiar with it.

In his opinion, people “will understand and recognize” who is the person behind the Spanish singer who was born at the age of 56 in Panama City, who also is a citizen of Panamanian and Colombian nationalities, and who has recently settled in Mexico City. Ivan Sanchez triumphs with the Bose series, which is already available across Latin America and he is content with his work.

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