Cannes Confidential TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Cannes Confidential TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Cannes Confidential cast: Jamie Bamber, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Lucie Lucas. Cannes Confidential Release Date: 26 June 2023 (Acorn TV). Cannes Confidential Episodes: 6. Cannes Confidential is looking full of Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama. Then, in Viaplay’s brand new Original series that is international in nature called “Cannes Confidential” Their paths cross in the event that Harry King is one of the suspects in the case of a murder.

Cannes Confidential is a UK Comedy-Drama TV Series (2023). Jamie Bamber, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Lucie Lucas are the main cast of Cannes Confidential (2023). There’s never been a person who has irritated Camille more than Harry does. Yet she’s unable to resist being enthralled by his character. Camille decides to learn the identity of who Harry really is who he is, where he’s from, and what he’s up to in her town. Cannes Confidential Acorn TV 26 June 2023.

The show balances the tension between suspense and romance and has brought together the best French actors. The series is an excellent addition to our already impressive international offerings. The story is based on the relationship between an optimistic and shrewd police officer from the local area and a con artist who was once a part of the group. Cannes is the home of the biggest festival of culture worldwide and the largest series festival.

Cannes Confidential Plot:

Cannes Confidential is a high-concept blue sky detective series that revolves around the bicker-bantering relationships between the shrewd, no-nonsense detective CAMILLE DELMASSE, and charming international conman HARRYKING and HARRY KING, who are thrown together to solve cases in the French riviera.

Cannes Confidential Detail:

TV Series: Cannes Confidential (2023)
Network: Acorn TV
Creators: Patrick Nebout, Chris Murray
Main Stars: Jamie Bamber, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Lucie Lucas
Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama
Countries: United Kingdom, Sweden
Language: English
Release Date: 26 June 2023 (Acorn TV)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Filming locations: Cannes, France
Also Known As: Cannes Confidential, Cannes Confidential Season 1, Cannes Confidential (2023)

Cannes Confidential Cast:

Jamie Bamber As Harry King

(Credit: digitalspy)

He is an actor from the UK. British actor who is known for his roles in the film and television industries. Bamber received a lot of attention for his character of Captain Lee “Apollo” Adama in the critically acclaimed science-fiction show “Battlestar Galactica.” He was a part of the show for four seasons receiving praise on his character. Bamber was the character the role of Detective Sergeant Matt Devlin in this British adaptation of the well-known American crime drama. His character as a detective with the London Metropolitan Police Service showcased his acting skills.

Bamber played a regular role in the role of Detective Tim Williamson in this British crime drama that starred Anna Friel. He played in several episodes of the series that follow a detective who investigates complicated cases. In addition to these acclaimed shows, Bamber has made guest appearances on numerous television shows and was involved in theatre productions.

Jean-Hugues Anglade as Henry Delmas

(Credit: lexpress)

He is a French actor from France who has enjoyed an extensive and lucrative career in the field of film. Anglade received international recognition for his character Zorg Zorg in the critically highly acclaimed French movie “Betty Blue” (original title: “37deg2 le matin”). The film, which was produced by Jean-Jacques Béineix, showed Anglade’s talents and was an iconic film.

Anglade played in the French television show “Braquo” in the television show “Braquo” Eddy Caplan, a police detective who gets involved in illegal and corrupt ways to get revenge on his deceased partner. The show garnered critical acclaim and brought Anglade a Cesar Award nomination. Jean-Hugues Anglade’s professional career spans many decades and he has collaborated with some of the most acclaimed actors and directors both in France and around the world.

Lucie Lucas As Camille Delmasse

(Credit: leprogres)

She is a French actress well-known for her roles in both television and film. One of her most well-known roles is the main persona, Clementine “Clem” Boissier in the French television show “Clem.” It follows the story of a girl who turns into a mother of teenagers and has to face the difficulties of raising a child. The show has had a lot of success and aired over a variety of seasons.

In addition to these noteworthy productions, Lucie Lucas has made appearances in a variety of French film and TV series throughout her career.

Other Supporting Cast of Cannes Confidential:

Nancy Tate As Nina Leblanc
Shy’m As Lea Robert
Sammy Lechea As Ramzy Chabat
Anna Franziska Jaeger As Margaux Delmasse
Hugo Brunswick As Julien Boire
Ruth Vega Fernandez As Geneviève Martial
Ava Griffith As Emilie King
Richard Darancy As Le Bodyguard
Eric Savin As Father Placid
Olivia Gotanègre As Emily’s mother
Yann Babilée As André Le Bas
Anaïs Weill As Tess Duval
Sara Mortensen As Delphine Devilly
Arnaud Binard As Maxime Beauregard
Vincent Londez As Edouard Pechette
Alice Dufour As Roxie Roland
Constance Dollé As Denise Barbier
Rupert Wynne-James As Hillary Saint John
Chloe Hirschman As Eloise Gans
Anggun As Celeste Badeaux
Nagisa Morimoto As Bella Degarmo
Thomas Alden As Georges Fontaine
Jochen Hägele As Luc Verin
Vincent Nemeth As François Fontaine
Tristan Robin As Leo Duval
Camille Moutawakil As Yanice
Ludivine Colle As The dressed woman
LucieLaffin As Francine Bernard
Nicolas Limery As Pierre Costignan
Nathanaël Beausivoir As Bernardo
Nicolas Bonnefoi As Vincent Devilly
Enzo Vincart Oliverio As Bodyguard
Sabrina Martello As Natalia Beauregard
Tibo Drouet As Mouth
Marek Kossakowski As Miko Zajac
Youcef Agal As Urban Explorer 1
Fédélé Papalia As Alfred Musso
Olivier Croizat As Pascal Fontaine
Stéphane Martinet As Neighbor’s Mrs Vignier
Nassim Bouguezzi As Convict
Jules Vallauri As Serge Travert
Keziah Marechaux As Zina Lellouche
Audrey Creps As Woman in bar
Julien Naccache As Urban Explorer 2
Marie Sergeant As miss Bernard
Agnès Croutelle As Mrs. Vignier
Akram Guellou As Security Officer
Jérémy Castor As Monk Darius Vignier

The two are compelled to create an unlikely but surprisingly efficient crime-fighting alliance and solve murder cases in each closed episode. However, the storyline of the show is the main character’s mission to discover the culprits who were responsible for his father’s murder. A police officer who was a hero in the community, who was sentenced to prison for the wrong thing he did not commit.

The duo is forced into an unusual – and successful crime-fighting team that helps them resolve a murder during each episode that is close-ended. Cannes Confidential will show viewers a rarely-seen side of Cannes and beyond the luxury yachts and high-end luxury, including its fishing boats, local tradesmen, and people of the working class.

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