Chang Can Dunk (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Chang Can Dunk (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Chang Can Dunk cast: Bloom Li, Ben Wang, Zoe Renee. Chang Can Dunk Director: Jingyi Shao. Chang Can Dunk Release Date: 10 March 2023 (Disney+). Chang Can Dunk is looking full of Drama, Family, Sport. Chang Can Dunk is written and directed by Jingyi Shao in his feature directorial debut. The film was made by Rishi Rajani, Lena Waithe, and Brad Weston.

Chang Can Dunk is an American Drama-Family movie (2023). Bloom Li, Ben Wang, Zoe Renee are the main cast of Chang Can Dunk (2023). The trailer shows Chang who challenges the school’s top basketball player in the dunk competition after being embarrassed. To prepare himself for the challenge Chang enlisted an unconventional trainer to help him enhance his abilities. Chang Can Dunk release on Disney+ 10 March 2023.

The film examines the family dynamics and social hierarchy from the viewpoint of those of color living in areas where they are considered to be minority groups. The director is hoping that having an Asian American teenager in the middle of his film will encourage others to be more inclusive, highlighting that representation is crucial in feeling fully heard.

Chang Can Dunk Plot:

A teen from Asia-Pacific and a basketball enthusiast who wants to play and get the girl to learn about his closest family members, and even his mom.

Chang Can Dunk Detail:

Movie: Chang Can Dunk (2023)
Network: Disney+
Director: Jingyi Shao
Writer: Jingyi Shao
Main Stars: Bloom Li, Ben Wang, Zoe Renee
Genres: Drama, Family, Sport
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 10 March 2023 (Disney+)
Filming locations: Stratford, Connecticut, USA
Also known As: A Jogada de Chang, Chang Can Dunk, Chang Can Dunk Movie, Chang Can Dunk (2023), Disney Movies


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Chang Can Dunk Cast:

Bloom Li As Chang
Ben Wang As Bo
Zoe Renee As Kristy
Mardy Ma As Chen
Dexter Darden As Deandre
Chase Liefeld As Matt
Jon Shaver As Old School Basketball Coach
Christopher Ferguson As Old School Basketball Player
Dominic Pace As Mr. Benevido
Nile Bullock As Owen
Eric Anthony Lopez As Syd
Chris Critelli As Mr. Ryan
Jenna Roach As Melissa
Jim E. Chandler As Mr. O’Neil
Elizabeth Inghram As Mrs. O’Neil
Aaron Vargas As Todd
Julien Elan Goldberg As Timmy
Gerald Jones As Instigator
Ben Stone Zelman As Pokemon Fan
John Palumbo As Lenny
Jesser Riedel As Hoopsiedaisy
Lauren Rys Martin As Nurse Supervisor
David Sitler As Janitor
Kelvin Witherspoon As Pickup Player
Brian Beckerle As Enthusiastic Student
Jay Williams As Jay Williams
Kimberley A. Martin As Kimberley Martin
Cathy Salvodon As Principal Elliot
Kendrick Perkins As Kendrick Perkins
Alanna Smith As Hostess
Andre Drummond As Andre Drummond
Richard Jefferson As Richard Jefferson
Frankie Zabilka As Chang Fan
Kenyon Lee As Height Hokage
Alexandre Chen As Li
Angel Oquendo As Coach
Katie Vandrilla As Teacher
Dante Aleksander As Basketball Player
Stephanie Cheng As High School Student
Ka-Ling Cheung As Coco
Anthony Cipriani As Upscale Party Goer
Jadyn Coutte As Student
Cullen Edward Donovan As Basketball Player
Ena N Edouard As High School Teacher
Damian Emmanuel As Locker Room Kid
Will Fitz As High School Partygoer
Dominique Gatlin As High School Student
Leon Gonzalez As Party Goers
Matt Guarino As Basketball Player
Austin James Howe As Student
Cristina Madalina Kissler As Flirty Student
Nora Laitinen As Anna
Heather Lee As Assistant Coach
Robert Loftus As Mall Shopper
Jay Maher As Student
John Mastracchio As Parent / Teacher
Bailey McCann As Student
Cal McMenemy As High School Basketball Player
Hunter Perry As High School Partygoer
Mark Rome As Student
Kamran Saliani As Sideline Basketball Player
Ester Tania As PA
Jonathan Wieber As High School Student
Lauren Yaffe As Pedestrian

The bet sends the 5’8″‘ Chang on a mission to discover the right jumps to make so that he can impress his crush Kristy and, ultimately, get the attention and respect of his high school peers. But he must stand up and actually throw one. To ensure the authenticity of the film and to accurately represent the dunk scene The filmmakers enlisted one of the top Dunk experts, Connor Barth, to assist the actors in their training.

A 16-year-old who is excluded and unpopular, who desperately would like to learn how to dunk so that he can beat Matt and earn Kristy’s awe. The young actor has been a part of the show Sunnyside Up and is currently working on the movie Honor Student. He also served as the writer for a few segments from the Boomerang series.

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