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Christmas with You (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Christmas with You (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Christmas with You cast: Aimee Garcia, Freddie Prinze Jr., Grace Dumdaw. Christmas with You Release Date: 17 November 2022 (Netflix). Christmas with You Director: Gabriela Tagliavini. Christmas with You is looking full of Comedy, Family, Romance. In the year 2000, Nina Dobrev gave us the romantic comedy Loving Tough. This year the streaming giant gives us another movie to watch by bringing us Lindsay Lohan returning in Falling in Love with Christmas as well as Justin Hartley’s The Diary of Noel. It seems that a third Christmas film is in the making.

Christmas with You is an American Comedy-Romance movie (2022). Aimee Garcia, Freddie Prinze Jr., Grace Dumdaw are the main cast of Christmas with You (2022). As with every other end season, the streaming platforms and TV channels will be brimming with new Christmas-themed movies. Netflix is no different and will especially offer Christmas movies for you to watch starting November 17th 2022.

For the plot the fans of Christmas films should not be surprised. In Christmas With You we follow Angelina ( Aimee Garcia ), an exhausted pop star who makes the decision to go to the small town of her birth to fulfill the desire of a child fan. In the clip the pop star Angelina decides on a whim to fulfill the dream for one of her younger fans, in an effort for her to reconnect with her fans. In her ignorance, this path will also help her find her true love.

Christmas with You Plot:

A pop star has been burned out in her career and decides to go to a tiny town where she gets not just inspiration but also the chance to share a kiss.

Christmas with You Detail:

Movie: Christmas with You (2022)
Network: Netflix
Director: Gabriela Tagliavini
Writers: Paco Farias, Jennifer C. Stetson, German Michael Torres
Main Stars: Aimee Garcia, Freddie Prinze Jr., Grace Dumdaw
Genres: Comedy, Family, Romance
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 17 November 2022 (Netflix)
Runtime: 1 hour 29 minutes
Filming locations: New York City, New York, USA
Also known As: Untitled Holiday Netflix Project, Christmas with You, Christmas with You Movie, Christmas with You (2022)

Christmas with You Cast:

Aimee Garcia
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Grace Dumdaw As Madison
Gabriel Sloyer As Ricardo
Deja Monique Cruz As Cristina
Emily Davidson As Cristina’s Friend
Matthew Grimaldi As Scott Dawkins
Zenzi Williams As Monique
Lawrence J. Hughes As Barry
Sammy Peralta As Thomas
Elisa Bocanegra As Connie
Helena Betancourt As Conchi
Nicolette Stephanie Templier As Cheri Bibi
Cedric Cannon As Principal Shriner
Benjamin Brody As Reporter
Alexander Ramirez As Quince Attendee

The two romantic leads from Christmas With You are freddie Prinze Jr. as well as Aimee Garcia. If we have one thing that you can be sure of with Netflix they will bring the stars we’d like to experience in their original Christmas films. This year will be watching Aimee Garcia, as well as Freddie Prinze Jr., fall in love with the brand new film. Angelina is a pop singer who is separated from her normal life to fulfill the dream of a child in a small town in New York, where she is not just able to find the motivation to reenergize her career but also the chance to discover real love.

While “Christmas With You” is an uplifting comedy at its heart, however, the trailer offers relevant information about the industry of music, particularly when it comes to musicians being pressured to release holiday albums. Collider posted. It will include vibrant secondary characters to bring a bit of humor to the story, particularly during the time Angelina has a home in a tiny town, which isn’t her hometown: she went to the town to surprise a fan in the town.

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