Class of ’09 TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Class of '09 TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Class of ’09 cast: Isaiah Stratton, Phil Armijo, Camry Brault. Class of ’09 Release Date: 10 May 2023 (Hulu). Class of ’09 Episodes: 8. Class of ’09 is looking full of Crime, Drama, Thriller. As the trailer also shows the drama, the thriller, and the crime thriller mix with a specific science fiction element.

Class of ’09 is an American Drama-Thriller TV Series (2023). Isaiah Stratton, Phil Armijo, Camry Brault are the main cast of Class of ’09 TV Series (2023). The first two episodes of the show will be available through Hulu on May 10th. The remaining six episodes will air every week. Class of ’09 will air on Star+ in Latin America and Disney+ in other countries under the Star banner.

A story that spans more than 30 years of time will unfold over three distinct time periods as a number of agents who graduated in Quantico in 2009 meet in the wake of the death of a close friend. The film also reveals the lives that the protagonists will lead in the year 2023. It allows us to see how their lives have changed and how their methods of research have changed, largely due to the introduction of AI.

Class of ’09 Plot:

FBI agents that graduated from Quantico in 2009 have reunions after the death of a friend who they shared.

Class of ’09 Detail:

TV Series: Class of ’09 (2023)
Network: Hulu
Creator: Tom Rob Smith
Main Stars: Isaiah Stratton, Phil Armijo, Camry Brault
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 10 May 2023 (Hulu)
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Also known As: Agenti budúcnosti, Class of ’09, Class of ’09 Season 1, Class of ’09 (2023)

Class of ’09 Cast:

Isaiah Stratton As Evans
Phil Armijo As Riviera
Camry Brault As Rose Cole
Sarafina King As Amanda Bennett
Bryan McClure As Jesse Parker
Briar Boggs As Henry Lee
Ethan Hernandez As Fernando Flores
Nick Hagelin As Clarence Brown
Nick DeKay As J Moore
Jefferson Cox As D Allen
Alexander Grace As Victor Scott
Kate Mara As Ashley Poet
Rosalind Eleazar As Vivienne
Brian Tyree Henry As Tayo Michaels
Sepideh Moafi As Hour
Brian J. Smith As Lennix
Jon Jon Briones As Gabriel
Brooke Smith As Drew
Jake McDorman As Murphy
Lee Osorio As Martin Rivera
Lindsay Ayliffe As Shannon
Dan Tracy As Warren
Mark Pellegrino As Mark Tupirik
Cory Scott Allen As Doug
Maggie Parto As Hour’s Mother
Raúl Castillo As Amos
Rasool Jahan
Nicholas Logan
David Diaan As Hour’s Father
Benjamin Keepers As Tuperik Follower
Britt Douyon As AI Supervisor
Thom Khoury Williams As Construction Worker
Darin Toonder As FBI Boss
Kent Booker As FBI
Mike Corcoran As FBI Agent
Michelle Davidson As Newscaster2 episodes
Rick Perez As Lead FBI Agent1 episode
Maurice P. Kerry As Senior Agent
Michael MacCauley As Perimeter Agent 1
Mike Pniewski As Chief Albury
Chris Gann As Lead Agent 1
Viviana Chavez As Agent Nunez
David A MacDonald As Older FBI Agent
Alan Heckner As Billings Agent 1
Sage Kim Gray As Jessa May
James Hutchinson As Lead Agent 2
Mark Rowe As FBI Billings Second in Command
Patrick Fleming As Younger FBI Agent
Carl Anthony Nespoli As Lead Agent 3
Jonathan Palmer As Van Agent
Mitch Westphal As Police Officer Bryant
Jennifer Van Horn As Chair Senator
Rebecca Lines As Anna
Grace Junot As Senior FBI Agent
Daniel Norris As White Suspect
Elizabeth Becka As Psychiatric Evaluator
Aria Jennai Pulliam As Sara
Michael Rubino As Senior FBI Figure
Ty Cardaci As Poet’s Partner
Chase Anderson As Nathan
Matt Burke As Quantico Polygraph Tester
James Healy Jr. As Phoenix Polygraph Tester
Kurt Yue As Hour’s Fiancé
Jon Levine As Administrator
Luke Davis As Alfie
Moses Das As Party Organizer
Andrew Etzel As Ex-Marine Trainee
Scott Oakley As Lead Construction Worker
Mike Wilson As Car Instructor
Greg Weeks As Apartment Owner
AJ Bernard As Young Boy
Eric Esquer As Motel FBI Agent
Collin Shephard As State Police Officer
Jason Kehler As Construction Worker 2
Brian Lafontaine As Senior FBI Officer
Joshua Quinn As Tollbooth Police Officer Joyce
Matthew Rimmer As Senior FBI Officer
Micah Thompson As Viv Attacker 1
John Nania As Viv Attacker 2
Lancer Dean Shull As Senior FBI Officer
Tim Perez-Ross As Future FBI Agent
Alessandro Folchitto As Tupirik Shooter
Casey Hendershot As Tupirik Shooter
Michael Lee Kimel As Future FBI Agent
Mason Sharrow As Tupirik Shooter
LisaGay Hamilton As Tayo’s Mom
Matt Gulbranson As Congressman
Zuri James As Police Guard
Marian Green As Hostage
Justin James Boykin As Rookie FBI Agent
Nick Benas As FBI Agent
Anthony Patrick Capuano As DPD Agent in Charge
Larry Thompson Jr. As FBI Tactical Team
Dennis Dawson As FBI Agent
Eva Pilar As Murphy’s daughter
Roger Anthony As Photographer

The show’s teaser is now available. Class of ’09’ new FX crime mini-series. The show is set at three different times of time. The show follows a group of FBI agents who have to deal with huge changes in the way artificial intelligence is disrupting their US law enforcement system. The principal actors are performed by Kate Mara and Brian Tyree Henry. It is this is a current issue in our ever-changing society is the advancement of Artificial Intelligence to our lives day-to-day.

Mara and Henry are the main characters, Poet and Tayo. Tayo (Mara) is a person who didn’t think he’d be a part of the world of law enforcement, yet Poet is in the middle of a pivotal point that is transforming. It is currently not clear which streamer or chain will be broadcasting the series in Mexico and across the Latin American territory. The eight-episode series created for FX Productions revolves around a group of FBI agents.

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