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Erkenci Kus Cast, Reviews, Release date, Story, episodes, Scenes


Demet Özdemir, Can Yaman, Öznur Serçeler are the main Cast of Erkenci Kus. Erkenci Kus Release date Jun 26, 2018. Erkenci Kus total episodes 26. Erkenci Kus cast is doing very well work. Now I,m going to tell you all about Erkenci Kus Cast, Reviews, Release date, Story, episodes, Scenes. Erkenci Kus story also very similar to other Turkish TV Series. A girl Sanem Soysal and her boss Can Divit (Can Yaman) after fighting they both fall in love with each other. Erkenci Kus Reviews also very awesome because of quality Turkish TV Series.

Erkenci Kus is a Turkish TV Series 2018. Erkenci Kus is one of the best-rated show Turkey in 2018 and all over the world. Erkenci Kus Scenes and dialogue are amazing. If you like Turkish TV Series then I suggest you, watch this amazing and Romantic drama series. Erkenci Kus Reviews: 8.2/10 and this is a very good rating.

Erkenci Kus Story:

The story of Erkenci Kus is about a poor girl Sanem Soysal (Demet Özdemir) who join her sister office and she did not know anything. She just tries to help his boss Can Divit (Can Yaman). First, Sanem Soysal work against her boss secretly then She realize that she did something wrong with her boss. Then she helps her boss. At least both fall in love with each other. but Sanem Soysal is a very sensitive girl when she knows about her boss’s Girlfriend. She tries to stay away from her boss but boss Can Divit (Can Yaman) also fall in love with Sanem Soysal.

Erkenci Kus Detail:

Producer: Faruk Turgut | Ali Aktürk
Director: Cagri Bayrak
Series Sound Department: Ertit Tutku | Demir Baran Kutlu | Erdem Onder
Main Stars: Demet Özdemir, Can Yaman, Öznur Serçeler
Genres: Comedy | Romance
Country: Turkey ??
Language: Turkish
Erkenci Kus Reviews: 8.2/10 (IMDb Rating)
Release Date: Jun 26, 2018
Erkenci Kus Episodes: 26
Also Known As: Pasarea matinala | Dilek Iyigün | Erkenci Kus | Erkenci Kus 2018 | Erkenci Kuş

Erkenci Kus Scenes:

Erkenci Kus Scnes
Erkenci Kus Scnes

Erkenci Kus Cast:

Demet Özdemir as Sanem
Can Yaman as Can Divit
Öznur Serçeler as Leyla
Berat Yenilmez as Nihat
Özlem Tokaslan as Mevkibe
Birand Tunca as Emre Divit
Cihan Ercan as Zebercet
Sevcan Yasar as Aylin
Ali Yagci as Osman
Tugçe Kumral as Deren
Anil Çelik as Cey Cey
Sibel Sisman as Güliz
Ceren Tasci as Ayhan

Here is the detail of all Erkenci Kus Cast, Reviews, Release date, Story, episodes, Scenes. Erkenci Kus Reviews and IMDb Rating is very good. Thats mean people like this Turkish TV Series. Erkenci Kus Cast is new and talented. Can Divit (Can Yaman) already work in many Turkish tv series and he is doing very well work. Erkenci Kus total episodes are 26.

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