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Fatal Fandom (2022)

Fatal Fandom (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Fatal Fandom cast: Chaley Rose, Pete Ploszek, Heather Morris. Fatal Fandom Release Date: 2 April 2022 (Lifetime). Fatal Fandom Director: Jake Helgren. Fatal Fandom is looking full of Thriller. Now I’m going to tell you all about Fatal Fandom (2022).

Fatal Fandom is an American Thriller movie (2022). Chaley Rose, Pete Ploszek, Heather Morris are the main cast of Fatal Fandom (2022). Now, she is a prey who has secrets from the past. And that she has to outwit him or be prey. Stars Chaley Rose, Pete Ploszek, Heather Morris. (2022). Fatal Fandom release on Lifetime 2 April 2022.

When pop singer Eden Chase (Chaley Rose) is nearly kidnapped by a fan who is agitated She enlists the assistance of a handsome, brooding security guard Jackson Reed (Pete Ploszek) to live in her house and take over her security. But once Jackson begins to develop an unhealthy bond to Eden and her family, things begin to alter. The only person who has access to her personal life and the man she had deemed her protector, has turned into an armed predator who has an unknown dark truth from her past. And she must thwart him, or else fall prey.

Fatal Fandom Plot:

Follows Eden Chase, who is nearly captured by a fan. She enrolls the assistance of protector Jackson Reed. Nonetheless, the man she’d called her defender, has now turned into a hunter with a dim mystery from an earlier time.

Fatal Fandom Detail:

Movie: Fatal Fandom (2022)
Network: Lifetime
Director: Jake Helgren
Writer: Jake Helgren
Main Stars: Chaley Rose, Pete Ploszek, Heather Morris
Genre: Thriller
Country: United States
Release Date: 2 April 2022 (Lifetime)
Also known As: The Bodyguard, Fatal Fandom, Fatal Fandom Lifetime, Fatal Fandom (2022), Lifetime Movies (2022)

Fatal Fandom Cast:

Chaley Rose As Eden Chase
Pete Ploszek As Jackson Reed
Heather Morris As Addison Bright
Bayardo De Murguia As Christian Cruz
Malaya Rivera Drew As Colette
Ian Patrick Williams As Ozzie
Nikki Tuazon As Dara
Patrick McLain As Lee Vance
Rafael I. Molina As Kurt
Ernest Pierce As Conner
Sam Stinson As Stu
Alivia Levie As Cheri
Greg Lewis As Party Guest

When the famous pop singer Eden Chase is almost kidnapped by a mad fan and she seeks out the help of her handsome and sultry security guard Jackson Reed to move into her house and serve as her security person full-time. However, when Jackson becomes entangled to Eden and she begins to realize that he is the only person who has access to her private life and also the person she’d previously referred to as her protector.

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