Grown-ish Season 6 Episode 11 | Cast, Release Date | And Everything You Need to Know

Grown-ish Season 5 | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Grown-ish is an American Comedy-Drama TV Series. Grown-ish Season 6 Episode 11 cast: Yara Shahidi, Trevor Jackson, Marcus Scribner. Grown-ish Season 6 Episode 11 Release Date: April 3, 2024 (Freeform). Grown-ish Season 6 Total Episodes: 18.

Grown-ish Season 6 Episode 11 Plot:

Andre is attracted by an unidentified anonymous artist on campus called The Squid and he hopes to be able to get them as his clients however he has to locate them first. Doug and Aaron are looking for direction in the strip club.

What is the Grown-ish About:

Following his recent appearance his primary protagonist until now, Yara Shahidi, assumed the role of Marcus Scribner coinciding with his character’s first year at university. His brother Junior In it, we’ll see the way that, despite thinking everything is under control the onus is for him to face the first setbacks facing life in Cal U. Cal U campus.

The show was created by Kenya Barris, the same producer of the ABC series. The show began its debut the night before on Freeform which broadcast the first two episodes, titled “Late Registration” and “Bitch, don’t kill my vibe.” But there’s more as the upcoming season will include three return appearances of key characters, on which the new phase that the program will be focusing.

Grown-ish Season 6 Episode 11 Detail:

TV Series: Lost Ones
Network: Freeform
Director: Shiri Appleby
Writers: Kenya Barris, Larry Wilmore, Taylor Blackburn
Main Stars: Yara Shahidi, Trevor Jackson, Marcus Scribner
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: April 3, 2024 (Freeform)
Season: 6
Total Episodes: 18 (to be Confirm)
Episode Number: 11
Also known As: Повзрослевшие, grown-ish, grown-ish Season 6, grown-ish (2024), Grown-ish Season 6 Episode 11

Grown-ish Season 6 Episode 11 Trailer:

Grown-ish Season 6 Episode 11 Cast:

Yara Shahidi As Zoey Johnson

She is an American model, actress as well as an activist. She became famous due to her role as Zoey Johnson on”Black-ish,” a sitcom “Black-ish” and its spin-off series “Grown-ish.” Yara Shahidi was born January 10, 2000, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She began acting as a child performing in commercials and print ads.

Her breakthrough was in 2014, when she was tapped to play Zoey Johnson who is the eldest child from Anthony Anderson’s character in the comedy show “Black-ish.” Yara Shahidi’s portrayal Zoey Johnson on the critically acclaimed show “Black-ish” garnered widespread praise. The show explores themes such as race identity, identity, and family interactions. Shahidi’s character later was developed into her own show called “Grown-ish,” which follows Zoey’s college experience. The show tackles a variety of social and cultural issues that are faced by young adults.

Trevor Jackson As Aaron Jackson

Trevor Jackson is an American actor as well as a singer and songwriter who has made significant contributions to the world of entertainment. He started an active career in the entertainment business when he was just a child. His first television appearance was on the TV show on Disney Channel “Let It Shine” in 2012 in which he played the lead role of Kris McDuffy. The film showcased Jackson’s acting skills and singing skills.

Alongside his first television appearance, Trevor Jackson has appeared in a variety of television shows. He played the role of Aaron Jackson in the drama series “Grown-ish,” a spin-off of “Black-ish.” The portrayal of Aaron explores the issues surrounding race as well as identity, and life in college. Jackson’s talents go beyond singing. He is a talented actor and has demonstrated his versatility by playing a variety of roles on film and television.

Marcus Scribner As Andre Johnson, Jr.

He is an American actor who is famous for his character Andre Johnson Jr. (commonly called Junior) as a character in the sitcom “Black-ish.” His breakthrough was in 2014 when he was given the role of Andre Johnson Jr., the son of Anthony Anderson’s character in the comedy show “Black-ish.”

The show explores issues like race identity, identity, and family interactions. The popularity in “Black-ish” led to the creation of spin-offs which include “Grown-ish,” which follows the college life and experiences of Yara Shahidi’s character Zoey Johnson. Scribner has been a guest as a character in “Grown-ish” as well. The film premiered at Sundance Film Festival and received favorable reviews.

Diggy Simmons As Doug
Daniella Perkins As Kiela Hall
Tara Raani As Zaara Ali
Amelie Zilber As Lauryn Daniels
Justine Skye As Annika Longstreet
Ceyair J Wright As Zeke
Spence Moore II As Big Brother Big Boy
Sahana Srinivasan As Yazmine
Latto As Sloane
Marcel Pullard As Mr. Popular
Terayle Hill As TK Mason
Lil Yachty As Cole Hudson
Treychon Carter As Gamma
Daniella Taylor As Kiela Hall (as Daniella Perkins)
Miles Brown As Jack Johnson
Christopher Meyer As Big Brother Swerve
Ellis E. Fowler As Kwame
Kyanna Simone As Symone
Kadeem Hardison As Carnegie
Blu Hunt As Grace
Jibre Hordges As Ray
Maggie Arias As Candice
Sara Lukasiewicz As Jennifer
Lovlee Carroll As Nina
Deja Soufka As Server
Jacob Bond As Brad
Marcus Terrell Smith As Trey
Chris Paseka As Airline Employee
Aedan Jayce As Edie’s Guy
David Perez Babich As Professor Fontana
Ashley Elyse Rogers As Britney
Hannah Bamberg As Kaitlyn
Gogo Morrow As Gogo Morrow
Alonzo B. Slater As David
Kelly Kozakevich As Abby
Danielle Lima As Scuba Tank Girl


Episodes List:

1- Shoot My Shot
2- Reachin’ 2 Much
3- Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing
4- Pretty Mess
5- Right My Wrongs
6- Savior Complex
7- Toxic
8- Family Feud
9- Let Go
10. Hussle & Motivate
11. Lost Ones
12. Get Rich or Die Tryin’
13. California Love
14. 3 Peat

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