Hotel Cocaine TV Series (2024) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Hotel Cocaine TV Series (2024) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Hotel Cocaine cast: Danny Pino, Yul Vazquez, Mark Feuerstein. Hotel Cocaine Release Date: June 16, 2024 (MGM+). Hotel Cocaine Episodes: 8. The show was created by Chris Brancanto and Guillermo Navarro who was the director and executive producer for the first episode.

Hotel Cocaine is a Canadian Crime-Thriller TV Series (2024). Danny Pino, Yul Vazquez, Mark Feuerstein are the main cast of Hotel Cocaine (2024). Mark Isham has been the music director of the mini-series Hotel Cocaine (2024) created by Chris Brancato. Hotel Cocaine is made up of eight episodes and will start airing on June 16, at 9 p.m. on MGM+.

From the co-creators of “Narcos” as well as “The Godfather of Harlem’ “Hotel Cocaine was inspired by the lavish Biscayne Bay hotel located in Miami, Florida, known not just for its status as the place to meet the famous and wealthy however, it is also known for its infamous drug trafficking in the 1970s and 1980s.

Hotel Cocaine Plot:

The story is told through the eyes about Roman Compte, Cuban exile, CIA operative, and general manager of the Hotel Mutiny which was the famous central point of the late ’70s and the early 1980s Miami cocaine ring.

Hotel Cocaine Detail:

TV Series: Hotel Cocaine (2024)
Network: MGM+
Creator: Chris Brancato
Main Stars: Danny Pino, Yul Vazquez, Mark Feuerstein
Genres: Crime, Thriller
Country: Canada
Release Date: June 16, 2024 (MGM+)
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Also known As: Hotel Cocaine, Hotel Cocaine MGM+, Hotel Cocaine Season 1

Hotel Cocaine Cast:

Danny Pino As Roman Compte
Yul Vazquez As Nestor Cabal
Mark Feuerstein As Burton Greenberg
Corina Bradley As Valeria
Michael Chiklis As Agent Zulio
Mayra Hermosillo As Yolanda
Cale Ambrozic As Howard
Jonathan Lev As Clyde
Camila Valero As Alejandra
Nick Barkla As Congressman Landon
Ryan Bannon As DEA Group Supervisor
Laura Gordon As Janice Nichols
Tania Watson As Marisol
Juan Carlos Messier
Pedro Giunti
Don Mike As Omar
Lela Jacobsen As Mutiny girl
Lola Claire
Candy Santana
Macarena Fernández As Mutiny Girl
Francisca Braceras As Mutiny Girl
Camila Flamenco As Mutiny Girl
Daniela Gonzalez As Mutiny Girl
Micaela Consentino As Mutiny Girl
Antonela Di Tora As Mutiny Girl

Hotel Mutiny it was Casablanca on cocaine, an evening club with a restaurant and hotel crowded with Florida politicians and businessmen, foreign drug dealers, CIA and FBI agents models, athletes, and musicians. In the middle of it everything was Compte who did all could to keep things running and to fulfill the “American dream.”

In the cast of guests, Del Negro plays Phil Nolan who is Janice’s abusive ex-boyfriend. Victor Oliveira is Alvaro Gomez who is an emissary for the Henao and Yolanda cartel. Beck is Marty Owens, a customs official for Hainaut’s payroll along with Sam Robards as Hal, Hal, the CIA agent who is in contact with Nestor in addition to Burton.

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