If you still have the Christmas spirit left, Netflix has this gem of Oscar-nominated animation


If you love animated films and are still feeling Christmas spirit, this film is available on Netflix is exactly what you’re looking for to entertain yourself during the festive days. It’s an animated film that should not be left off your list of things to do and, even though it has been delayed until 2023, it will be released in 2019 there is a chance that you haven’t watched it at all.

It is ” Klaus “, which is a winter-themed animated film that is perfect for this season. One of the greatest things about it is that it’s an enjoyable film to watch with the entire family.

The animated film ‘Klaus’ is just 97 minutes long

Sergio Pablos directed the film as well as collaborated on the script written by Zach Lewis and Jim Mahoney. Following its release, the film was nominated at important awards ceremonies like the Oscars and the Goya and The BAFTAs along with the European Film Awards , standing particularly well in the category of the most animated feature.

About the story, Sergio Pablos reflected: < Santa Claus is the symbol of altruism in the absolute sense however what if all the great about him came from the selfish behavior of the most pathetic person you can imagine? This irony was extremely useful since it was a way to send the idea that kindness is infectious.

The most impressive thing is that the movie runs only 97 minutes, something that is nowadays difficult to watch because many films last that are longer than 100 minutes. It’s ideal to watch the film with your family, without the younger children exhausted.

Synopsis of “Klaus,” the ideal Netflix animation film for you to stream during the holiday season.

“Klaus” tells the tale of a not so ‘aggressive postman, who is taken to a city that is frozen in the north.

In this movie, we meet Jesper one of the smallest figures members of the postal academy who is destined for Smeerensburg an island that is frigid that lies beyond what is known as the Arctic Circle. In this remote area, people barely get to know each other or exchange messages. Nearly ready to give all up Jesper gets help from Alva who is a local teacher.

In the course of his travels, Jesper crosses paths with Klaus, a mysterious carpenter living in a house full of hand-crafted toys. With the help of Alva they set out on a quest to bring back happiness to Smeerensburg and create a new sense of belonging among the residents.

When Jesper, Alva and Klaus team up as they transform the bleak landscape into one full of life and joy. Klaus hand-crafted toys not only provide joy to the children, but they can also create a sense of connection and cooperation within a previously splintered community. The story demonstrates the ways that, with joint effort and compassion, it’s possible to revive even the most depressing locations and help transform despair into a bright future filled with optimism and happiness shared by all.

Actors who provided their talents to the characters of the show are Quim Gutierrez, who brought the life for Jesper; Belen Cuesta, who played Alva and Luis Tosar, who played Klaus, a skilled carpenter.

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