Irish Wish (2024) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Irish Wish (2024) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Irish Wish cast: Lindsay Lohan, Ed Speleers, Alexander Vlahos. Irish Wish Release Date: March 15, 2024 (Netflix). Irish Wish Director: Janeen Damian. The film’s director is Janeen Damian (High Strung Free Dance) and written by Amanda Phillips, Kirsten Hansen, Jimmy Townsend and Vince Balzano.

Irish Wish is an American comedy fantasy movie (2024). Lindsay Lohan, Ed Speleers, Alexander Vlahos are the main cast of Irish Wish (2024). Irish Wish tells the story of grieving Maddie (Lohan) who is stunned to learn that the person she loves is engaged to her closest friend. Irish Wish is directed by Janeen Damian. The film is scheduled to release on March 15th.

“In Irish Wish, Lohan’s Maddie will be watching her best friend marry the person she has always wanted to be with however, she also accepts to be the bridesmaid for the wedding. This takes her to Ireland. On the day prior to the wedding, she makes an intention to marry and wakes up the following day to be a bride-to-be. However, her hopes are shattered when she realizes she’s not really in love with the man she was hoping to marry.

Irish Wish Plot:

When Maddie’s love gets engaged to her closest friend and she is in love with him, she sets her feelings aside to become a bridesmaid for the wedding ceremony in Ireland.

Irish Wish Detail:

Movie: Irish Wish (2024)
Network: Netflix
Director: Janeen Damian
Writer: Kirsten Hansen
Main Stars: Lindsay Lohan, Ed Speleers, Alexander Vlahos
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Countries: Ireland, United States
Language: English
Release Date: March 15, 2024 (Netflix)
Runtime: 1 hour 33 minutes
Filming locations: Wicklow, Ireland
Also known As: Ірландське бажання, Irish Wish Movie, Irish Wish Netflix

Irish Wish Cast:

Lindsay Lohan As Maddie Kelly
Ed Speleers As James Thomas
Alexander Vlahos As Paul Kennedy
Ayesha Curry As Heather
Elizabeth Tan As Emma Taylor
Jacinta Mulcahy As Olivia Kennedy
Jane Seymour As Rosemary Kelly
Matty McCabe As Kory Kennedy
Dawn Bradfield As Saint Brigid
Maurice Byrne As Sean Kennedy
James Rottger As Tom O’Callaghan
Aidan Jordan As Father Callahan
Dakota Lohan As Finn
Tim Landers As Murphy
Rachel Benaissa As Allegra
Rodrigo Ternevoy As Book Clerk
Steve Hartland As Liam
Carl Shaaban As Jay
Vincent Moran As Bus Driver
Charlie Hughes As Immigration Officer
Ella Cannon As Airline Staff
Kate Moon As Wedding guest
Emma Ní Choisdealbha As Girl at the airport
James Sadat As Bully
Seroosh Max Salimi As Bartender

The sequel doesn’t have an official release date yet, but the latest details about the storyline for ” Irish Wish ” were disclosed. The actress, who is 35 years old, will play a young woman who accepts to serve as her maid-of-honor to her best friend. She will get married to the man that her friend is in love with. She is about to witness the dream man escape from her.

Following her absence for a while and the settlement that was reached by Lohan as well as Netflix was met with great excitement among her followers. One of the movies that were announced includes ” Falling for Christmas, the romantic comedy in which Lindsay portrays an over-indulgent heiress that suffers an accident while skiing, and loses memory.

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