It’s a Wonderful Knife (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Budget, Box office, Trailer

It's a Wonderful Knife (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Budget, Box office, Trailer

It’s a Wonderful Knife cast: Jane Widdop, Jess McLeod, Joel McHale. It’s a Wonderful Knife Release Date: December 1, 2023 (Shudder). It’s a Wonderful Knife Budget: $27 Million. It’s about a young lady known as Winnie Carruthers, who lives in a town that has a fascination with the Christmas season. A tragedy is wreaked upon the town, and Winnie rises to the event.

It’s a Wonderful Knife is an American Comedy-Horror movie (2023). Jane Widdop, Jess McLeod, Joel McHale are the main cast of It’s a Wonderful Knife (2023). The film, which was directed by Tyler MacIntyre, combines elements of comedy and horror to create an unforgettable cinematic experience, which is expected to appeal to horror film lovers as well as fans of Christmas tales. It’s a Wonderful Knife release on US November 10 2023.

The film was categorized by the MPAA as “bloody violence, drug use, and language”. The murderer is back, and she’s forced to join forces with the town’s naive to track down the perpetrator and revert to her life. The horror film ‘It’s a Wonderful Knife’ is one of the Christmas slashers similar to the ‘ Scream’ classic.

It’s a Wonderful Knife Plot:

After rescuing her hometown from the wrath of a killer Winnie Carruthers’s life is not exactly perfect. When she wishes she hadn’t been born, she discovers herself trapped in a world where, without her it could be more dire.

It’s a Wonderful Knife Detail:

Movie: It’s a Wonderful Knife (2023)
Director: Tyler MacIntyre
Writer: Michael Kennedy
Main Stars: Jane Widdop, Jess McLeod, Joel McHale
Genres: Comedy, Horror, Mystery
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: December 1, 2023 (Shudder)
Budget: $27 Million (EST)
Box office: Coming Soon
Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes
Filming locations: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Also known As: 劊樂時光, It’s a Wonderful Knife Movie, It’s a Wonderful Knife (2023)

It’s a Wonderful Knife Cast:

Jane Widdop As Winnie Carruthers
Jess McLeod As Bernie Simon
Joel McHale As David Carruthers
Katharine Isabelle As Gale Prescott
William B. Davis As Roger Evans
Justin Long As Henry Waters
Aiden Howard As Jimmy Carruthers
Erin Boyes As Judy Carruthers
Sean Depner As Buck Waters
Zenia Marshall As Darla Berlin
Jason Fernandes As Robbie Olenger
Hana Huggins As Cara Evans
Kiki Faye As Vicki Pepper
Dimitri ‘Vegas’ Thivaios As Pete
Cassandra Naud As Karen Simmons
Sydney Scotia As Evelyn Waters
Thomas Nicholson As Wyatt Stone
Oscar Chark As Eddie
Grace Vukovic As Tara
Brandon Ironside As Chad
Jamal Ali As Dumb Bro
Mark Wilmot As Wharf Bro
Jude Wilson As Art Boy

Screenwriter for Freaky In The Body of a Murderer which is a second time combining the horror and comedy genres, while playing with genres in the slasher genre. One year ago she was on the hunt for an assassin dressed in the mask who was later revealed to be the Mayor of the idyllic city located in Angel Falls. However, the role of a city’s protector did not bring her joy and, in a moment of desperation, she also wished that she was not there.

The murderer has returned and she has to work with the town’s outcasts to find the killer and then return to her reality to avoid a new murder. After wishing that she was never there and escaping into an unimaginable world of illusions but realizes that without her involvement, the scene will be more terrifying.

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