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Jungle TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Jungle TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Jungle cast: Poundz, Nadia A’Rubea, RA. Jungle Release Date: 30 September 2022 (Prime Video). Jungle Episodes: 6. Jungle is looking full of Drama. Amazon Prime Videos, which recently has been producing excellent content for its subscribers has just released the trailer of one of the most anticipated coming web series called “Jungle.”.

Jungle is a UK Drama TV Series (2022). Poundz, Nadia A’Rubea, RA are the main cast of Jungle TV Series (2022). By using the lenses of UK Rap and DRILL songs, The Jungle chronicles the interconnected lives of a variety of people who are all struggling with their own challenges. It offers a unique viewpoint of a world that is often secluded. Jungle is scheduled to release at Prime Video 30 September 2022.

To create an alternate, timeless, and twisted version of present-day London and bring a compelling and intricate plot The series is set to tell the story using an original blend of language and music, using a combination of innovative and imaginative cinematography and design. It is produced by Jungle and will be produced through Nothing Lost. The show’s creators and executive producers comprise Junior Okoli and Chas Apppeti The show, is set to premiere in 240 countries across the globe.

Jungle Plot:

UK Rap culture in the UK brings you an action-packed crime story unlike anything you’ve ever seen. In a future London two young men strive to improve themselves and are then confronted with some of the consequences for their choices.

Jungle Detail:

TV Series: Jungle (2022)
Network: Prime Video
Creators: Junior Okoli, Chas Appeti
Main Stars: Poundz, Nadia A’Rubea, RA
Genre: Drama
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: 30 September 2022 (Prime Video)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Also known As: Jungle, Jungle Season 1, Jungle (2022)

Jungle Cast:

Poundz As Marcus
Nadia A’Rubea As Jessica
RA As Slim
M24 As 6IX
Madeline Appiah As Vivian
Malick Bojang As Shorty Gang Member
Kaine Buffonge As Shorty Gang Member
Skore Beezy As Stacks’ Gang Member
Rendo As Stacks’ Gang Member
Ezra Elliott As Gogo
IAMDDB As Mia Mor$
Jaykae As Willow
Seyi Andes-Pelumi As Danial
Amaria Bb As Bianca
K Koke As Stacks
Skeamer Skeamer As Shorty
J Fado As Chapo
Craig Peters As Drug Dealer
Jordan McCann As Bully
Jumi Ibitoye As Young Gang Member
Raheem Ramazani As Jay’s friend
Lenny Kapo-Gomis As Jay
AM As Snappy
Kemzi As Stacks’ Gang Member
Zems As Stacks’ Gang Member
Tinie Tempah As Tinie
Rimzee As Spooks
Double Lz As Double Lz
Bando Kay As Bando Kay
Matt Young As Aimer
Kyra-Jade Chanay Tavernier As Mia’s Assistant
Daniel Scott-Smith As Officer Phillips
Charles De’Ath As Sergeant Paul
Stephen Aaron-Sipple As Police Officer
Keaton Edmund As Kid 1
Linda John-Pierre As Mrs. Palmer – Social Services
Jude Cudjoe As Pop
Cannon Hay As Kid 2
Cal-I Jonel As Office Worker
Oliver Lyndon As Homeless Man
Dizzee As AP
Teezandos As Stacks’ Gang Member
BT As Stacks’ Gang Member
Kenka As Stacks’ Gang Member
Melone M’kenzy As Mum
Deeyi Mark As Big Kid
Narstie Narstie As Stacks’ Gang Member
Rima Nsubuga As Charity Worker
Perm As Stacks’ Gang Member
Shasimone As Young Girl
Jane Thorne As Grandma
Ra’kai Williams As Young Boy
Karl James Wilson As Policeman 2
Ashley Woodhouse As Policeman 1
Brett Curtis As Bean Head

Prime Video, the streaming company Prime Video has released an official trailer for their six-part comedy show “Jungle”. In “Jungle” they let us go deep into the world of drill and grime, which is defined by its own laws and rules along with two main characters. It is a world that serves as the entry point towards the London subculture and is also depicted in the show by a number of famous characters like Tinie Tempah, Double Lz, IAMDDB, and Jaykae.

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