Just Jake (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Just Jake (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Just Jake cast: Brittany Bristow, Rob Mayes, Gigi Orsillo. Just Jake Release Date: 21 April 2023 (Uptv). Just Jake Director: Brandon Clark. Just Jake is looking full of Romance. A very nice and uplifting story that is exceptionally written and shot, as well as produced. The chemistry is excellent all around from a humble point of view.

Just Jake is an American Romance movie (2023). Brittany Bristow, Rob Mayes, Gigi Orsillo are the main cast of Just Jake (2023). Just Jake makes its streaming debut at 7 pm on UP Faith & Family and its premiere at UPtv the 21st of May at 7/6c. The film’s main character, Rob Mayes, is a country music artist in real life, as well as an actor, and was involved in the music heard in the film.

Music and love make the perfect combination. Rob Mayes discusses all sorts of information, including locations as well as wardrobe, and shot choices as well as providing Easter eggs for viewers to be looking for when watching. The interview also discusses the source music that was used in the film and its significance as a storyteller. It’s an enjoyable listen. The film was produced by Brandon Clark and shot in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Trailer of Just Take (2023)

Just Jake Plot:

A rising country star returns home to get over his writer’s block. He also reunites the high school sweetheart.Together they rekindle love and discover that the best music is the one you create together.

Just Jake Detail:

Movie: Just Jake (2023)
Network: Uptv
Director: Brandon Clark
Writers: Taylor Bird, Jaimie Engle
Main Stars: Brittany Bristow, Rob Mayes, Gigi Orsillo
Genre: Romance
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 21 April 2023 (Uptv)
Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Also Known As: Just Jake, Just Jake UPtv, Just Jake (2023)

Just Jake Cast:

Brittany Bristow As Amber Gibson

(Credit: Hallmark)

She is a Canadian actor who is well-known for her roles in both television and film. She has appeared on a number of well-known TV shows, including “Hudson & Rex,” “Rising Suns,” and “The Love Club.” Bristow was also in the Hallmark Channel original movie “Love on Safari,” as in its successor “Love in the Safari.” Bristow has since been a regular guest in the Hallmark Channel, appearing in several films such as “Holiday Date,” and new Hallmark Movies like “A Tail of Love (2023)”.

Apart from her acting profession, Bristow is also a trained singer who has appeared in a variety of musical productions. She has an Associate of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from the University of Windsor and has performed with a variety of theatre organizations in Canada which include Drayton Entertainment, Theatre Aquarius as well as The Charlottetown Festival.

Rob Mayes As Jake

(Credit: Alchetron)

Rob Mayes is an American actor as well as a musician and model. He is well-known for his work in the fields of television and film especially in the horror and thriller genres. Mayes started their career as a model, before changing to acting.

Mayes has been featured in a variety of well-known television shows and Movies which include “The Client List,” “Mistresses,” and “Promised Land.” He also had a regular role in the television series “The Client List.” Mayes was also featured in numerous films, such as “5000 Blankets,” “The Desperate Riders,” and “John Dies at the End.”

Other Supporting Cast of Just Jake:

Gigi Orsillo As June Phillips-Gibson
Brandon Clark As Marvin
Walter Anaruk As Ted
Kathleen McCall As Darlene
Keir Kirkegaard As Tommy Mitchell
John C. Ashton As Gerald Gibson
Andi Davis As Nora
Jemario Patterson As Spencer
Mason Risser As Mason
Bryce Menchaca As Joaquin

Brittany, Rob & Brandon attended RomaDrama in West Palm Beach, FL in June. They are three of the most friendly people you’ll ever meet. Their humor, energy, and overall good spirit earned them the respect of fans at the close of the weekend. Mrs. Engle wrote and sold the script for the film which features Rob Mayes as an emerging country music star who returns to his home after a bout of writer’s block. He then falls attracted to the girl he was with in high school as played by Brittany Bristow.

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