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Kick Like Tayla (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Kick Like Tayla (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Kick Like Tayla cast: Tayla Harris, Gillon McLachlan, Nicole Livingstone. Kick Like Tayla Release Date: 27 May 2022 (Prime Video). Kick Like Tayla Director: Gil Marsden. Kick Like Tayla is looking full of Documentary. Kick Like Tayla displays a captivating report of Tayla Harris’s extraordinary talent of maintaining a professional boxing career and participating at the AFLW competition, while also tackling the negative effects of cyber-bullying, social media and sexual harassment.

Kick Like Tayla is an Australian Documentary movie (2022). Tayla Harris, Gillon McLachlan, Nicole Livingstone are the main cast of Kick Like Tayla (2022). On May 27, Kick Like Tayla will be aired at the end of May on Prime Video. She has her fair share of attention, but Tayla is ready to speak. Daring to display her full power. Kick Like Tayla is the tale of a once-in-a-generation talent rising to prominence.

The book provides a unique insight into the life of Tayla Harris, the NAB AFLW women’s competition player and boxing champion Kick Like Tayla chronicles the personal and public struggles Tayla Harris. Has faced throughout his sporting career thus far. He and Tayla and her close circle offer insight into how she is able to utilize her position as a force to do the good.

Kick Like Tayla Plot:

Kick Like Tayla will give Prime individuals worldwide a selective understanding of a mind-boggling competitor, who adjusts an effective confining profession close by playing the NAB AFL Women’s Competition for the Carlton Football Club.

Kick Like Tayla Detail:

Movie: Kick Like Tayla (2022)
Network: Prime Video
Director: Gil Marsden
Main Stars: Tayla Harris, Gillon McLachlan, Nicole Livingstone
Genre: Documentary
Country: Australia
Language: English
Release Date: 27 May 2022 (Prime Video)
Runtime: 1 hour
Also Known As: Kick Like Tayla, Kick Like Tayla Movie, Kick Like Tayla (2022)

Kick Like Tayla Cast:

Tayla Harris As Self
Gillon McLachlan As Self
Nicole Livingstone As Self
Anna Meares As Self
Julie Inman-Grant As Self
Brian Amatruda As Self
Beansy Beansy As Self
Faris Chevalier As Self
Daniel Harford As Self
Lisa Harris As Self
Warren Harris As Self
Brandon Jack As Self
Kodi Jacques As Self
Patty Kinnersly As Self
Bruce Mcavaney As Self
Sam Mostyn As Self
Daisy Pearce As Self
Maddie Prespakis As Self
Chelsea Randall As Self
Alex Saundry As Self
Lee Stain As Self
Mick Stinear As Self
Michael Willson As Self
Caroline Wilson As Self

Kick Like Tayla demonstrates how the community’s attitude towards female athletes and women generally is changing and that voices like Tayla Harris’s are crucial in changing the discourse. The documentary, which runs for an hour, explores Harris’s achievements in the field of youth soccer , and the thrill that comes with being Brisbane Lions’ first AFLW player, before she moves to the soccer capital of Victoria. Victoria in order to join Carlton and later Melbourne and the rigorous off-field scrutiny she has endured during his time.

Kick Like Tayla also addresses the aftermath of her 2019 image of her famous kick on goal that ought to have been recognized for its athletic appeal however, it led to Harris receiving a sexist attack of a harrowing degree after the photo’s publication. People who commented and people who are close to Tayla describe the ways she has fought back against the online abuse of trolls and is now focusing on being a positive role model for the next generation of athletes.

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