Le monde de demain Aka Reign Supreme TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Le monde de demain Aka Reign Supreme TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Reign Supreme cast: Anthony Bajon, Melvin Boomer, Andranic Manet. Reign Supreme Release Date: 18 November 2022 (Netflix). Reign Supreme Episodes: 6. Reign Supreme is looking full of Biography, Drama, Music. Katell Quillevere, and Helier Cisterne (who are the directors of these six 52-minute shows, of which they’re also creators together with Vincent Poymiro and David Elkaim.

Le monde de demain Aka Reign Supreme is a French movie (2022). Anthony Bajon, Melvin Boomer, Andranic Manet are the main cast of Le monde de demain Aka Reign Supreme TV Series (2022). The future was not here yet However, it was a long time ago, during the 1980s, mixed-race areas that were Paris and its outskirts plagued with a heroin-related epidemic were already awash with the diseases of the present and glimpses that the next decade might bring. Le monde de demain Aka Reign Supreme release on Netflix on 18 November 2022.

The former has to give the chance to pursue a professional soccer career to the displeasure of their parents, and the latter is trying to keep away his abusive father. The film spans from the Trocadero up to La Grange aux Belles. Produced by Katell Quillevere and Helier Cisterne, Tomorrow’s World “is both an excellent biopic and an interesting study of an environment. But this pursuit of loyalty ran into several obstacles, and in particular the resistance of some performers of the time.

Reign Supreme Plot:

A collection of songs about the famous French rap group NTM before it was NTM and also about the emergence of hip-hop in France and the period of transformation, a look of France during the 80s.

Reign Supreme Detail:

TV Series: Le monde de demain Aka Reign Supreme (2022)
Network: Netflix
Creators: Hélier Cisterne, David Elkaïm, Vincent Poymiro
Main Stars: Anthony Bajon, Melvin Boomer, Andranic Manet
Genres: Biography, Drama, Music
Country: France
Languages: French, English
Release Date: 18 November 2022 (Netflix)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Filming locations: Paris, France
Also known As: Morgendagens verden, Le monde de demain, Le monde de demain Netflix, Reign Supreme (2022)

Reign Supreme Cast:

Anthony Bajon As Bruno Lopes – Kool Shen
Melvin Boomer As Didier Morville – Joey Starr
Andranic Manet As Daniel (Dee Nasty)
Victor Bonnel As Franck Loyer – DJ S
Joshua Raccah As Chino
Léo Chalié As Béatrice
Nolan Masraf As Yazid
Emmanuelle Hiron As Christiane (Mère de Bruno)
Laïka Blanc-Francard As Vivi – Lady V
Keishah Courat As Dora (Copine de Vivi)
Daouda Keita As Solo
Arthur Choisnet As Tecol
Elsa Gnaly As Patou
Jonas Bachan As Franck Chevalier
Ismaël Sy Savané As Jean (Père de Didier)
Yannick Choirat As Joseph (Père de Bruno)
Franc Bruneau As JB (Vendeur Champs Disques)
Léo Grimard-Harel As Bando
Tobias Nuytten-Vialle As Rockin’Squat
Léa Millet As Copine de Solo
Bamar Kane As Webo
Marvin Dubart As Gilles (Frère de Bruno)
Eliam Mohammad As Chérif
Junior Yudat As Reak (Danseur NTM)
Martin Mesnier As Eskenazi
Paul Beaurepaire As Sébastien Farran
Teddy Chawa As Mad
Saïd Ghanem As Lionel D.
Vincent Do Cruzeiro As Phil
Niddal El Mellouhi As Farid (Chantier Lopes)
Marie-Andrée Vircoulon As Mamy (Grand-mère de Vivi)
Julia Djida As Dallande (Ladies Night)
Diego Thomas Esteban As Ricardo (Chantier Lopes)
Eric Borgen As Le proviseur lycée Vivi
Ramsès Alexandre Louis Charle As MC américain
Hervé Cousin As Barman-Colosse (Strip Club)
Corinne Girault As Corine (Strip Club)
Yanis Sidi Saïd As Karim (frère Chérif)
Emmanuel Koyawoza As JNB
Lionel Laget As Biroute (Carbone 14)
Ryu As Alex (Danseur NTM)
Caroline Gaget As Super Nana (Carbone 14)
Mika Skaf As Cédric (poste de garde caserne)
Henri Giey As Co-détenu 1 poste de garde (caserne)
Tadji As Colosse (San Francisco)
DJ Moody Mike As DJ (San Francisco)
Avant Strangel As Prédicateur (San Francisco)
Jeanne Arènes As Mireille Guillevic (La banquière)
Eric Pfaff As Régisseur Elysée-Montmartre
Judith Warner As Femme antillaise
Thomas Scimeca As Bizot
Alane Delhaye As Pierre
Yukiko Yukiko As Mère Bando
Freddy Kemayo As Vigile Grange-aux-Belles
Cédric Chevalme As Nouveau commissaire (Terrain vague)
Loïck Etame As Blitz (Bizibi)
Hervé Dandrieux As Homme terrain de foot
Aïna Wavoeke As Claudine (Ladies Night)
Monique Mauclair As La medium
Raphaël Quenard As Philippe Puydoby (Epic)

Personal stories, set in Seine-Saint-Denis in the early days and development of hip-hop culture in France. In essence, it’s an episode about the young people of Didier Morville and Bruno Lopes that Helier Cisterne and Katell Quillevere had in mind. Obscure, there’s no chance of sharing the stage with other people if he does not master his moves perfectly which include “the dome”, a figure that is on the ground is a series of turns in your back, thanks to an impulse from your shoulders, with game-specific legs. The perfect move performed in the hands of Anthony Bajon in the series.

The winner of the Grand Prize at the Lille Series Mania festival which is the “most costly” series ever created by Arte can also be released on Netflix and its co-producer. This choral music series takes its name from the first album, released in 1990, which made a statement due to its release in the midst of a rising conflict between officers of the police and youth living in housing estates.

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