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Magpie Murders TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Magpie Murders TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Magpie Murders cast: Conleth Hill, Lesley Manville, Tim McMullan. Magpie Murders Release Date: 16 October 2022 (PBS). Magpie Murders Episodes: 6. Magpie Murders is looking full of Drama, Mystery. The story follows the publisher who gets caught up in an intrigue web and murder following the receipt of an incomplete manuscript.

Magpie Murders is a UK Drama-Mystery TV Series (2022). Conleth Hill, Lesley Manville, Tim McMullan are the main cast of Magpie Murders TV Series (2022). The story of ‘Magpie Murders’ centers around the publisher Susan Ryeland (Lesley Manville) who gets an unfinished novel from the best-selling crime novelist Alan Conway (Conleth Hill). After reading the manuscript, Susan is horrified since she’s missing the final chapter. Magpie Murders release on PBS on 16 October 2022.

Everything changes after Alan mysteriously pass away before his final chapter is published in his novel. His editor Susan Ryeland will have to search for the last chapter of the book in order to determine who killed him and the reason she was able to kill him. Susan Ryeland will soon realize that the answer to this mystery lies in the novel he himself wrote.

Magpie Murders Plot:

Editor Susan Ryeland gets drawn into an intricate web of intrigue as well as murder after she is given Alan Conway’s incomplete manuscript of the Atticus Pund mystery.

Magpie Murders Detail:

TV Series: Magpie Murders (2022)
Network: PBS
Main Stars: Conleth Hill, Lesley Manville, Tim McMullan
Genres: Drama, Mystery
Countries: United Kingdom, United States, Ireland
Language: English
Release Date: 16 October 2022 (PBS)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Runtime: 45 minutes
Also known As: Dödligt kapitel, Magpie Murders, Magpie Murders Season 1, Magpie Murders (2022)

Magpie Murders Cast:

Conleth Hill As Alan Conway
Lesley Manville As Susan Ryeland
Tim McMullan As Atticus Pünd
Ian Lloyd Anderson As Brent
Karen Westwood As Mary Blakiston
Matthew Beard As Fraser
Jude Hill As Young Sam
Alexandros Logothetis As Andreas Patakis
Harry Lawtey As Robert Blakiston
Pippa Haywood As Claire Jenkins
Michael Maloney As Charles Clover
Daniel Mays As Chubb
Claire Rushbrook As Katie Williams
Joel Birkett As Young Robert
Nia Deacon As Joy Sanderling
Dorothy Atkinson As Lady Frances Pye
Chu Omambala As Rev. Osborne
Karl Collins As Jack White
Lorcan Cranitch As Max Ryeland
Sanjeev Kohli As Dr. Kamal
Sutara Gayle As Gemma Whiteley
Nathan Clarke As Freddy
Danielle Ryan As Alice
David Herlihy As Matthew Blakiston
Paul Tylak As Lee Jaffery
Adam Ewan As Gravedigger
San Shella As Chris Fletcher
Azeem Alahi As Aziz
Daniel Costello As Doctor
Phina Oruche As Bryony
Killian Donnelly As German Guard
James Flynn As Klaus
Kate Gilmore As Jemima
Beverly Longhurst As Dr. Benson
Dan Siron As Workman
Kate Lamb As Woman Fan
Morgan C. Jones As Dr. Rafter
Jack Toland As Teenager
Nathalie Armin As Melissa Conway
Michael Mullen As Receptionist
Miguel Fish As Motorist
Derek Carroll As Villager
Dale Wilder As Pub Customer
Brian Rodger As Passer-by

Publisher Susan Ryeland receives an unfinished manuscript by the bestselling mystery author Alan Conway, starring longtime leading investigator Atticus Pound. When she sets out to read the end of the book she is thrown into the middle of an enthralling case that will transform her life to a degree she had never imagined. Following their airing on AXN the episodes are available for download through AXN Now AXN Now, the TV station’s own streaming services which are available on the two main Spanish Teleoperators, Movistar Plus and Orange TV.

The upcoming PBS show Magpie Murders is a mystery within a mystery, which is a follow-up to the investigation into Alan Conway’s death while uncovering the mystery of what transpired in his most recent novel. This is what you should be aware of the new series that has already been praised by viewers in the UK and the US, where it premiered in the spring of this year on BritBox.

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