Meet the Cast of ‘CSI: Vegas Season 3 Episode 5’ (PHOTOS)

CSI: Vegas TV Series (2021) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

CSI: Vegas is an American Crime TV Series (2021-Present). CSI: Vegas Season 3 Episode 5 cast: Matt Lauria, Mandeep Dhillon, Paula Newsome. This Episode premieres Sunday, March 24 on CBS.

What is CSI: Vegas About:

The new show is a continuation of the popular actors from the first including Gil Grissom, Sara Sidle as well as David Hodges, and introduces new characters that make up the Crime Lab team that is a new one. Together, they battle the threat of a looming threat that could cause the destruction of this Crime Lab, while ensuring that there is an orderly environment throughout Sin City. In addition, Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle have appeared on both shows.

This show shows such a huge amount of people with such extraordinary power and fun simultaneously. Furthermore, not all wrongdoing shows to figure out how to do both all the while. It’s amazing how the insightful hardware gets way refined and convenient many more than one series. You just can’t miss the distinction.

This show shows such a huge amount of people with such extraordinary power and fun simultaneously. Furthermore, not all wrongdoing shows to figure out how to do both all the while. It’s psyche-blowing how the insightful hardware gets way modern and convenient many more than one series. The show is brimming with both heart and humor. Indeed, even in more genuine scenes, any humor that might be introduced doesn’t detract from the scene.

Who is CSI: Vegas Season 3 Episode 5 cast member

Paula Newsome As Maxine Roby

(Credit: thewrap)

She is an American actress who is known for her work on television, film and in theater. Newsome had a regular role as Mahree Bock in the legal drama TV series “The Lyon’s Den.” She played Claire Washburn in ABC’s crime series “Women’s Murder Club.”

Newsome was a supporting actor in the comedy movie “Guess Who”, starring Ashton Kutcher. She starred in the Academy Award winning comedy-drama “Little Miss Sunshine.” Newsome was a supporting actor in “Black or White”, a drama film starring Kevin Costner and Octavia.

Matt Lauria As Josh Folsom

(Credit: parade)

Johnstone is a well-known American actor, known for his roles in theater, film and television. Johnstone plays Archie Cleary, Archie’s brother-in law, in the Amazon Prime Video series, a period comedy-drama, created by Amy Sherman Palladino.

He had a role that he played repeatedly as Dr. Patsy De la Serda stars in HBO’s comedy series, set in the geriatric wing of an imaginary hospital. Johnstone was a recurring actor in ABC’s drama series set in the 1960s about the wives astronauts. Johnstone appeared as Gus Grissom in this HBO drama directed Aaron Sorkin and based on a television series with the same name.

Mandeep Dhillon As Allie Rajan

(Credit: static standard)

She is a British actor who is known for her roles in TV, film and theater. Dhillon is best known for playing Saz Kaur on the BBC Three Comedy Series “Some Girls”, which follows a group teenage girls. She played Trish, a British actress in this British comedy set in an active West Midlands employment center.

Dhillon is Sandy, the main character in Ricky Gervais’ Netflix dark comedy. She played DCI Rachel Carey, in the BBC One thriller. Dhillon was in this British thriller, directed by David Kew. She appeared in the comedy-drama directed by Lasse hallstrom.

Ariana Guerra As Serena Chavez

(Credit: hudl)

She is a well-known American actress who works in television and film. Guerra played Tessa the superhero in this Netflix drama series about an eight-year-old boy with superhuman abilities. She appeared in this NBC drama series as Veronica Stephens.

Guerra portrayed Dr. Sloan on this science fiction thriller directed by Eddie Alcazar. She appeared as Dr. Sloan in this science fiction thriller film directed and starring Denzel, Rami, Malek, Jared Leto. Guerra also lends her voice to a variety of projects, such as video games and animated shows.

Jay Lee As Chris Park

(Credit: tvfanatic)

Jay Lee, a film director known for his horror and comedic work. He became known for directing “Zombie Strippers!” The Slaughter, a 2006 horror film, and a 2008 horror-comedy with Jenna Jameson starring Robert Englund.

Lee’s movies often mix elements of horror and comedy with satire and have a flair for the outrageous and unconventional. Jay Lee has worked with brands and companies that sell art supplies, and he occasionally features sponsored content on the channel.

Lex Medlin As Beau Finado

He is an American who is known for his television, film and theater work. Medlin was a key character in the Lifetime comedy-drama about a shallow, sexless model who is suddenly killed and reincarnates as a brilliant, plus-sized attorney. He played Detective Andy Williams on this gritty, police drama.

Medlin was the voice behind Harry in an animated adventure movie. Eddie O’Flaherty helmed this horror thriller film. Lex Medlin is also a talented actor who has appeared in many theater productions.

Marg Helgenberger As Catherine Willows

She is an American actress best known for her versatility in TV, film and theater. Helgenberger was widely recognized for her role as K.C. In this critically acclaimed ABC series, Koloski is a nurse.

She played Catherine Willows in this CBS crime procedural. Her role on “CSI” brought her critical acclaim, and she was nominated in several award categories. Helgenberger starred on CBS as Lillian Strand in the espionage-thriller series “Cyber Command”.

Joel Johnstone, Jack Nikolayevich

She is an American actress who is known for her television and movie work. Gilman became known for her role as Delia Delfano, a Disney Channel comedy show about friends trying to navigate high school. She had a recurring part as Cammy in the sitcom with Tim Allen.

Gilman portrayed Frances, a superhero from Marvel Comics. Sarah is her role in the Disney Channel Latin America television series. She appeared as Sarah in this biographical sport drama film, directed by Ron Howard.

Sarah Gilman & Sarah Grace Hart are also in this episode. Mario Perez, Kari Nicole & Andres Veez.

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