Meet the Cast of ‘Fire Country Season 2 Episode 8’ (PHOTOS)

Fire Country TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Fire Country is an American Drama TV Series (2022-Present). Fire Country Season 2 Episode 8 cast: Max Thieriot, Jordan Calloway, Kevin Alejandro. This Episode premieres Friday, May 3 on CBS.

What is the Fire Country About:

Fire Country is written by Tony Phelan and Joan Rater along with Max Thieriot (who also plays the lead role in the show). When Bode is assigned to the high-risk, high-reward job and the pressure grows when he’s assigned to a show set in his hometown where he once was considered a “golden American son” until the troubles started.

A few years back, Bode burned down everything that was in his life, leaving town with a major secret. Bode is back, with a criminal conviction and the smugness to believe that there’s an opportunity to redeem himself by partnering with Cal Fire.

Fire Country is based on the executive producer and star Max Thieriot’s childhood experience in the region that is prone to fires of Northern California. The series will follow one of the convicts who, seeking an escape and a reduction in sentence, joins forces with fellow prisoners to join an elite team of firefighters. Napolitano has experience working on an episode that focuses on firefighters.

Who is The Fire Country Season 2 Episode 8 cast member

Max Thieriot As Bode Donovan

He is an American actor and director who is well-known for his works in the fields of television and film. Max Thieriot began his acting career at an early age performing in commercials and television shows as a young actor. He began his acting career in the year 2004 by playing a role as a supporting actor in the comedy/drama “Catch That Kid.”

Thieriot received a lot of attention for his performance as Seth In the thriller “The Pacifier” (2005) in which he starred alongside Vin Diesel. Additionally, in “Bates Motel,” Max Thieriot has appeared on a variety of television shows, such as “Texas Rising” and “SEAL Team,” where Max plays the lead character as Clay Spenser.

Kevin Alejandro As Manny Perez

He is an American actor, known for his roles in both television and film. Kevin Alejandro began his acting career in the late 2000s and began appearing as guest roles on TV shows like “Crossing Jordan,” “24,” and “CSI: Miami.” Alejandro has also branched out into the field of directing. He produced an episode of the TV show “Lucifer,” in which the actor also appeared.

One of his most memorable roles was in 2006 when he got given the role of series character, Santos on the highly acclaimed TV show “Ugly Betty.” His performance won him recognition and led to his career growth. Alejandro was further recognized due to his character Jesus Velasquez in the HBO supernatural drama “True Blood” (2010-2012). His portrayal of a nurse who has supernatural powers earned him praise from viewers and critics alike.

Jordan Calloway As Jake Crawford

He is an American actor well-known for his roles in the field of film and television. Jordan Calloway began his acting career in the late 2000s performing in minor roles on television movies and shows. One of his most memorable roles came in the year 2011 when he landed the role of Zack Carter-Schwartz on the Nickelodeon popular teen comedy “Unfabulous.” His performance in the show brought him attention from younger viewers.

Calloway played Kevin Mohan in the Freeform supernatural drama series “Beyond” (2017-2018). The show focused on a boy who awakes from a coma, possessed of supernatural powers. He became famous due to his character Chuck Clayton in the popular CW Teen Drama series “Riverdale.” Chuck is a regular character well-known for his role in a variety of storylines across the show.

Stephanie Arcila As Gabriela Perez

She is an American actor who is famous for her roles in television and film. Stephanie Arcila began her acting career in the entertainment industry performing in small roles on films and television shows. One of her most memorable performances came in 2019, when she was chosen to play Veronica Saldivar in the Netflix crime drama series “On My Block.” The performance has earned her acclaim from viewers and the critics too.

The character of Arcila, Veronica Saldivar, is the main character of “On My Block.” The show follows a group of college friends navigating through high school rigors in an unforgiving urban Los Angeles neighborhood. Stephanie Arcila continues to work on a variety of projects, both TV and film. She is active in the field showing her talents in acting and her versatility.

Jules Latimer As Eve Edwards

(Credit: nypost)

She is an American producer, actress, and writer well-known for her television and film work. Diane Farr began her career as a model, before transforming into acting. She first appeared in small parts on television shows like “The Drew Carey Show” and “Spin City.”

Farr was widely recognized for her character Laura Miles in the FX drama series “Rescue Me” (2004-2011). She played the role of Laura Miles, who was the woman who plays Denis’s character’s wife was praised by critics. She was a part of FBI Agent Megan Reeves in the CBS crime drama series “Numb3rs” (2005-2010), in which she played a frequent character throughout the show’s duration.

Billy Burke As Vince Leone

He is an American actor, known for his roles in both television and film. Billy Burke began his acting career in the latter half of the 1980s beginning with small roles on television films and shows. One of Burke’s most memorable roles was in the cult television show “24,” where he played the character Gary Matheson in the show’s debut season.

Burke was recognized for his roles in numerous television shows during the 1990s and into the early 2000s. Some of his most notable TV credits include guest appearances on “Party of Five,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Frasier,” and “Monk.” Billy Burke continues to work in a variety of film and television projects. His ability to act in a variety of roles and the ability to perform a variety of roles have led to his popularity in the entertainment industry.

Fire Country is an thriller TV Series directed by Gonzalo Amat. Joan Rater, Tony Phelan, Max Thieriot are the writter of this episode. Rafael de la Fuente, Paola Núñez and Diane Farr are also coming as the as of Fire Country Season 2 Episode 8.

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