Mission Unexplained TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Mission Unexplained TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Mission Unexplained cast: Kyle Busk, Quenton Rose, Nik Salt. Mission Unexplained Release Date: 26 April 2023 (Science). Mission Unexplained Episodes: 8. Mission Unexplained is looking full of Mystery. Mission Unexplained, the newest original series of Cottage Life, has testimonies from Military Police Officers.

Mission Unexplained is a Candian Mystery TV Series (2023). Kyle Busk, Quenton Rose, Nik Salt are the main cast of Mission Unexplained TV Series (2023). Mission Unexplained will have its premiere on Science Network on April 26, 2023. In light of the recent shooting downs in the area of UFOs in American as well as Canadian airspace The fascination with extraterrestrials and UFOs has been revived.

The recent shooting downs of mysterious aircraft in American, as well as Canadian space, obsession for aliens from the other side, and Unidentified flying objects, have been revived, and everyone is asking what’s happening up there. Cottage Life’s newest unique series Mission Unexplained hopes to provide some answers through the stories of Military Police Officers, Staff Sergeants, US Marines, Lance Corporals, US Air Force medics, and others they have come forward in order to tell the frightening, unsolved incidents they witnessed while on the frontlines.

Mission Unexplained Plot:

Following the release of military records military personnel are stepping to the forefront for the first time to tell accounts of events that are not explained. Take a journey through eyewitness stories as experts and scientists provide insight into the tales.

Mission Unexplained Detail:

TV Series: Mission Unexplained (2023)
Network: Science
Main Stars: Kyle Busk, Quenton Rose, Nik Salt
Genre: Mystery
Country: Canada
Language: English
Release Date: 26 April 2023 (Science)
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Also Known As: Mission Unexplained, Mission Unexplained Season 1, Mission Unexplained (2023)

Mission Unexplained Cast:

Kyle Busk As Narrator
Quenton Rose
Nik Salt
Gavin Griffith
Angelo Basso
Anne-Carolyne Binette
Ali Kazmi
Stu Arthur
Ryan Anthony Mauro
Al Braatz
Ben Lindgren
Colby Frost
Red Carlsen

Finn Camp As Young Boy
Max Kobetich
Brad Dietrich
Eric B. Hansen
Peter C Klein
As Partner
Christopher Vieira
Quinn Bennett
Tyler Andrew Coleman
Molly McCaskill
Samar Nanuan
Ethan Laniado
James Dickie
Obi Obikudu
Kristian Leonard
Kayla Isabelle Balan
Carleen Zouboules
Logan Burns
Oliver Georgiou
Jahleel Powell
Alvaro Fong
Sergey Martsenyuk
Michael Ruhs
Ivan Swan
Laurence Captan
Joseph Santos
Trystan Meilleur

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