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Moonshot (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Moonshot (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Moonshot cast: Zach Braff, Cole Sprouse, Mason Gooding. Moonshot Release Date: 31 March 2022 (HBO Max). Moonshot Director: Christopher Winterbauer. Moonshot is looking full of Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi. According to The Hollywood Reporter, writer-director Zach Braff has joined the team for the movie “Moonshot.”

Moonshot is an American Comedy-Romance movie (2022). Zach Braff, Cole Sprouse, Mason Gooding are the main cast of Moonshot (2022). The clip that you can view below, follows the character of Sprouse Walt as he escapes spaceships to Mars to complete the dream of his youth. The romantic comedic film with an interesting twist. Moonshot will follow Walt and Sophie as they team up to reconnect with their beloved families. Moonshot premieres at HBO Max 31 March 2022.

To stream the movie free, you must wait until April, after it has been made available on HBO. A variety of copies of this film will be available on torrent sites like 1337x. Moonshot is the third feature in a multi-film agreement with HBO Max and the production company Berlanti-Schechter Films. Moonshot is a science-fiction comedy (and teens, watch it right now) that will enter our screens in March. The show stars Cole Sprouse and Zach Braff.

Moonshot Plot:

A lady pursues her sweetheart who has moved to Mars.

Moonshot Detail:

Movie: Moonshot (2022)
Network: HBO Max
Director: Christopher Winterbauer
Writer: Max Taxe
Main Stars: Zach Braff, Cole Sprouse, Mason Gooding
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 31 March 2022 (HBO Max)
Running time: 100 minutes
Filming locations: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Also known As: Nossos Sonhos de Marte, Moonshot, Moonshot HBO Max, Moonshot (2022)

Moonshot Cast:

Zach Braff
Cole Sprouse As Walt
Mason Gooding
Lana Condor As Sophie
Lukas Gage
Michelle Buteau As Captain Tartar
Emily Rudd
Christine Adams As Jan
Jason MacDonald As Jim
Kevin Brown As Security Guard
Charity Cervantes As Jules
Sunita Deshpande As Celeste
Eric Tiede As Alan / Victor
Adetinpo Thomas As Engineer
Andrew Hunter As Employee
Chloe Corley As Sorority Girl
Alexander Grace As Engineer
Davey Johnson As Earl
Chelsea Alana Rivera As Drunk Girl
Jay Gutierrez As Flight Crew pilot
Elizabeth Fung As Pilot
Sabrina Gallet As Student
Phoebe French As Passenger
Roy Y. Chan As Flight Attendant
Maud Druine As Student
Angela Yale As Crew Member
Drez Ryan As Brandon
Noel Sampson As Science Student
Grayson Brooks As Science Student
James Pilsung As Prestigious Science Student
Dylan Nunez As Edgar
Jalen Peet As Passenger
Vee Bhakta As Customs Agent
Ayoub Saadi As Science Student
Taylor McManus As Space Passenger
Maureen Bronner As Student
Zack Olds As Passenger
Eunji You As Student
Siri Peddineni As Student

Moonshot can be described as the future, where Mars is colonized and terraformed by the best that mankind can provide. Two college students from different backgrounds team up and board the spaceship to reconnect with their friends who were taken to Mars. As per the story, Braff served as leader of the mission to colonize Mars and was a visionary businessman.

“Moonshot,” which is part science-fiction, and a romantic comedy, has been composed by Max Taxe (in what will be his first screenwriting credit ) and has Chris Winterbauer attached to direct (via of the term ). The movie is set in the future in which Mars has been altered into a replica of Earth as well as being inhabited but only by to be the best among us. In search of a reunion with their family members Two college students team together to board the spaceship and travel to Mars.

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