Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Narvik: Hitler's First Defeat (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat cast: Kristine Hartgen, Henrik Mestad, Stig Henrik Hoff. Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat Release Date: 23 January 2023 (Netflix). Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat Director: Erik Skjoldbjærg. Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat is looking full of Drama, History, War. Minerals that Hitler needed to produce weapons and other materials for war. This was the purpose that this city was the frontline during the German invading force of 1940.

Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat is a Historical-War movie (2023). Kristine Hartgen, Henrik Mestad, Stig Henrik Hoff are the main cast of Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat (2023). Narvik plays out his version of the WWII battle and recounts the tale of an almost overlooked epic moment in its aftermath. The show also acknowledges Norwegian general Carl Gustav Fleischer, who was recognized as the first commander to beat the Germans on the battlefield. The war drama will premiere at Netflix the Monday of January 23rd.

The local commander is not showing any resistance. But not everyone is ready to give up the fight. A group consisting of around 200 Norwegian soldiers manages to trick to get out of the city and into the fight. The youngest of them is officer Gunnar Tofte. In the meantime, his wife Ingrid is employed as a maid and interpreter at an old hotel, which has now been transformed into the German headquarters. Narvik is made with Live Bonnevie, Aage Aaberge and John Einar Hagen for the Norwegian division of Nordisk Film.

Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat Plot:

April 1940. The world’s eyes are focused on Narvik the town of a few hundred inhabitants located in northern Norway which is the source of iron ore required for Hitler’s military equipment. In the course of two months of intense winter fighting, Hitler is dealt his first defeat.

Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat Detail:

Movie: Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat (2023)
Network: Netflix
Director: Erik Skjoldbjærg
Writers: Christopher Grøndahl, Live Bonnevie, Erik Skjoldbjærg
Main Stars: Kristine Hartgen, Henrik Mestad, Stig Henrik Hoff
Genres: Drama, History, War
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian
Release Date: 23 January 2023 (Netflix)
Runtime: 1 hour 48 minutes
Filming locations: Narvik, Norway
Also known As: Kampen om Narvik – Hitlers første nederlag, Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat, Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat Netflix, Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat (2023), Netflix Movies, Kampen om Narvik


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Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat Cast:

Kristine Hartgen As Ingrid Tofte
Henrik Mestad As Major Sigurd Omdal
Stig Henrik Hoff As Aslak Tofte
Christoph Bach As Konsul Fritz Wussow
Carl Martin Eggesbø As Korporal Gunnar Tofte
Magnus Dugdale As Giles Romilly
Holger Handtke As Generalleutnant Eduard Dietl
Mathilde Holtedahl Cuhra As Bjørg
Isak Bakli Aglen As Korporal Larsen
Emil Johnsen As Ordfører Theodor Broch
Benjamin Noble As Sub-lieutenant Patrick Dalzel-Job
Ollie Campbell As Konsul George L.D. Gibbs
Kari Bremnes As Polly
Torfinn Nag As Oberst Konrad Sundlo
Edvard Lie Aalstad As Menig Magne Hansen
Øyvind Trøite As Menig Præstnes
Anders Wang As Kaptein Arthur Bjørnson
Christoph Gelfert Mathiesen As Ole Tofte
Ole Christopher Holth As Pierre
Leif Arno Hofheinz As Tysk soldat
Bjørn Iversen As Norwegian officer
Andreas Dammen As Tysk elitesoldat
Morten Skillingstad Larsen As Norsk Soldat
Lars Oddmund Sandvik As Norsk soldat
Fredrik Nordeng As Norsk soldat
Øyvind Mørk As Sofisticated guest
Tom Espen Pedersen As Civilian / Extra
Roy Boquist Hestdahl As Fransk soldat
Jens-William Aronsen As Norwegian prisoner of war
Jon Ramslien As Norwegian soldier
Jørn Magnus Karlsen As Norsk Soldat
Niels Lian Mildes As German Soldier
Gøran Lian Mildes As German Soldier

It’s one of the highest-priced films of Norwegian history. Although the budget was huge the film was not without a hitch. The premiere was repeatedly delayed because of corona. After the conflict in Ukraine began to rage the film’s makers were forced to delay the premiere once again. The film will be shown on Narvik’s Narvik theater on the weekend. The film will also be shown on the large screen that is located in the middle of Narvik on Saturday evening.

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