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Partner Track TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Partner Track TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Partner Track cast: Dominic Sherwood, Arden Cho, Matthew Rauch. Partner Track Release Date: 26 August 2022 (Netflix). Partner Track Episodes: 10. Partner Track is looking full of Drama. Ingrid Yun is an intelligent and romantic young lawyer who hopes to become the first Asian-American junior partner at Parsons Valentine, an elite Manhattan law firm.

Partner Track is an American Drama TV Series (2022). Dominic Sherwood, Arden Cho, Matthew Rauch are the main cast of Partner Track TV Series (2022). Netflix is currently working on a new TV series inspired by the novel with the same title written by author Helen Wan, and published in 2013. The main actors are, Arden Cho, is one of the original Shadowhunters stars Dominic Sherwood. Partner Track release on Netflix on 26 August 2022.

Arden Cho is a hard-hitting character, but this time, he’s in the courtroom. The actress, who is famous most of all for her role as the combative Kira Yukimura in Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf, is back as the protagonist in Partner Track. Produced and created by Georgia Lee ( The Expanse ) inspired by the book of the same title from Helen Wan. The show follows a tracker at the same phase of my career which I am able to comprehend technically, but can’t comprehend.

Partner Track Plot:

Fixates on Ingrid Yun, a hopeful youthful legal advisor, battles with her ethical compass and her interests as she battles to climb the accomplice track at a first-class New York City law office.

Partner Track Detail:

TV Series: Partner Track (2022)
Network: Netflix
Creator: Georgia Lee
Main Stars: Dominic Sherwood, Arden Cho, Matthew Rauch
Genre: Drama
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 26 August 2022 (Netflix)
Season: 1
Episodes: 10
Runtime: 1 hour
Filming locations: New York City, New York, USA
Also known As: Шлях до партнерства, Partner Track, Partner Track Season 1, Partner Track (2022)

Partner Track Cast:

Dominic Sherwood As Jeff Murphy
Arden Cho As Ingrid Yun
Matthew Rauch As Marty Adler
Nolan Gerard Funk As Dan Fallon
Alexandra Turshen As Rachel Friedman
Rob Heaps As Nick Laren
Roby Attal As Justin Coleman
Bradley Gibson As Tyler Robinson
Zane Phillips As Hunter Reed
Will Stout As Todd Ames
Lena Ahn As Lina Yun
Fredric Lehne As Ted Lassiter
Patrick Klein As Parsons Lawyer
Alejandro Hernandez As Valdo
Rich Ting As Carter Min
Esther Moon As Soo-Jung Yun
Arash DeMaxi As Nihal Khatri
Jo Sung As Yun Sang-Hoon
Meghan Leathers As Wanda Jean
Tehmina Sunny As Victoria St. Clair
Kelvin Han Yee As Franklin Min
Connor Johnston As Caleb Sanders
Jason Szalma As Z’s Assistant
Anna George As Cleo Bajaj
Ana Cruz Kayne As Lacy Costa
Erica Fae As Eliza Carlile
Aristeo F. Kardi As Attorney
Desmond Chiam As Zi-Xin ‘Z’ Min
Ryan Coyle As DJ Retch
Leah Pressman As Peaches
Brandi Bravo As Realtor
Christine Jones As Roo
Margaret Devine As Gladys
Ricky A. Schroeder As Pryce
Gio Castellano As NYPD Officer
Alexander Blaise As Snooty Waiter
Bobby James Evers As The Doorman
Erika Barker As Share Holder
Gayatri Bahl As Francine Lindenhoff
Carmen Lamar Gonzalez As Sun Corp Secretary
Afrim Gjonbalaj As Sidewalk Artist
Lauren Yaffe As Parkgoer
Jeffrey Grover As Roger Giles
Jose Guns Alves As Jose the building super
James Wilcox As Tim Toussaint
Sara Frankino As Background
Jerome Brooks Jr. As Jed
Elise Finnerty As Sister Jeremie
Gregory Jensen As Winston Keil
Intae Kim As Sang-Hoon Yun
Matt Grossman As Cranky Officer
Nia Alexis Lee As Young Ingrid Yun
Keith Schneider As Gavin Dunmore
Andrew Herrera-Bridges As Lawyer
Alexa De Barr As Gym Attendant
Amanda Turen As Brooklyn Weaver
Ivan Carlo As Paynes Grey
Nadia Ramdass As Cleaning Crew
Jeremy Folmer As Elliot
Maia Macpherson As Party Goer
Chandler Hill As Board Member
Christine Eunji Kim As Young Soo-Jung Yun
Janice Theard As Savannah
Jorge Manuel Silva As Office Worker

The show aims to tell a captivating story through the perspective of an Asian-American principal protagonist. “Full of fun and romance, this series offers a contemporary and insightful look at the additional pressures women face, especially those of underrepresented origins in today’s world of work,” Jinny Howe revealed about the project. However, at the moment the date for the release of the show is unknown and it is a television version of The Parner Track written by Helen Wan and released in 2013.

It is a legal drama show developed in the name of Georgia Lee. Lee is well-known for her production Di lei Porte Rosse and for directing episodes of the sci-fi show The Expanse and The 100. A major distinction is that the medical team of Meredith Grey was a diverse group however, she herself is white and the character she plays in the show Partner’s Track is a black woman.

The upcoming Netflix television series is based on the life of Ingrid Yun, a truly talented young lawyer who is full of dreams. Ingrid’s goal is extremely ambitious. In fact, she hopes to become the first junior partner of Asian descent of an established law firm located in Manhattan named Parsons Valentine. Ingrid is a young and talented lawyer. Ingrid will need to conquer many obstacles to enter the world of work in which males dominate and male power remains dominant.

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