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Prisma TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Prisma TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Prisma cast: Mattia Carrano, Lorenzo Zurzolo, Caterina Forza. Prisma Release Date: 21 September 2022 (Prime Video). Prisma Episodes: 8. Prisma is looking full of Drama. Amazon Prime Video has revealed the upcoming projects of it’s Italian office, which includes two brand new original series that have been granted the green signal: Prisma.

Prisma is an Italian Drama TV Series (2022). Mattia Carrano, Lorenzo Zurzolo, Caterina Forza are the main cast of Prisma TV Series (2022). Prisma is made in Italy through Rosario Rinaldo’s Cross Productions (already behind popular serials like Rocco Schiavone Il Cacciatore and SKAM Italia itself ) for Amazon Studios. Prisma is scheduled to release in Prime Video on 21 September 2022.

To best present to the world an extremely current subject popular with the public It required years of study, which enabled us to provide a voice for children in a show which will help adults better understand children and the importance it is. Making a decision to accept oneself and effort to find yourself. The show had its world premiere at this year’s 75th Locarno Film Festival and is interpretive in the voice of Mattia Carrano.

Prisma Plot:

Prisma examines the relationship and identities that are shared by Andrea and Marco twins who are like themselves on the outside but very distinct in their outlook on life. Then, they are part of a group of friends who are united by their quest for their identity in this world.

Prisma Detail:

TV Series: Prisma (2022)
Network: Prime Video
Creators: Ludovico Bessegato, Alice Urciuolo, Giulio Calvani
Main Stars: Mattia Carrano, Lorenzo Zurzolo, Caterina Forza
Genre: Drama
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Release Date: 21 September 2022 (Prime Video)
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Filming locations: Latina, Lazio, Italy
Also Known As: Prisma, Prisma Season 1, Prisma (2022)

Prisma Cast:

Mattia Carrano As Andrea
Lorenzo Zurzolo As Daniele
Caterina Forza As Nina
Chiara Bordi As Carola
Matteo Scattaretico As Ilo
LXX Blood As Vittorio
Zakaria Hamza As Sami
Riccardo Afan de Rivera Costaguti As Boncio
Leo Rivosecchi As Marcello Ensoli
Flavia Del Prete As Zelia
Asia Patrignani As Jun
Andrea Giannini As Padre dei gemelli
Elena Falvella Capodaglio As Micol
Autilia Ranieri As Madre dei gemelli
Georgia Lepore As Madre di Carola
Elisa Macchiesi As Francesca
Vittorio Aisa As Fabio Coccolino
Ludovica Rubino As Susi
Pietro Sparvoli As Lucio
Shaen Barletta As Veronica
Emiliano Brugia As Manuel
Nico Guerzoni As Raffa
Francesco Pompilio As Zio Don Michele
Cristian Di Sante As Dennis
Cristina Todaro As Prof. di Chimica
Roberto Di Palma As Andrea bambino; Marco bambino
Marta Zoffoli As madre di Nina
Gabriele Coppola As Zio Vito
Francesca Anna Bellucci As Marika
Giovanna Cristina Vivinetto As Giovanna Cristina Vivinetto
Federico Majorana As Ragazzo del quinto
Giancarlo Porcacchia As Nonno di Nina
Filippo Valle As Preside scuola
Francesca Nizza As Nonna di Vittorio
Clarita Gatto As Signora bocciofila
Martinus Tocchi As Gerardo
Stella Novari As Alessandra
Sofia Pescatori As Ragazza del chiosco
Francesco La Ferla As Agente di Polizia
Gioele Rotini As Prof. Filosofia
Marco Capretti As Professore ginnastica
Francesco Cicconetti As Self
Achille Lauro

In the middle is a tale of development and growth that is told in eight episodes. Mattia Carrano plays the two twins who are protagonists Marco and Andrea both identical, yet profoundly different due to their inner turmoil and the process to discover their individuality that they face. The path they take will be a journey shared with their friends and between the world of social media and actual daily life Latina.

Prisma, Mattia Carrano, Lorenzo Zurzolo, Caterina Forza along with Chiara Bordi. All of them discuss their characters in Locarno LiveTV. They are all convinced that Prisma is a must-see show which embraces the concept of diversity and is free of taboos. It also reflects the many aspects of life which aren’t fully represented. At the same time, it’s totally different. Ludovico Bessegato also discussed the enormous challenge of filming Mattia involved for Prisma.

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