Sakla Beni Episode 15 | Cast, Release Date | And Everything You Need to Know

Sakla Beni Episode 9 | Cast, Release Date | And Everything You Need to Know

Sakla Beni Aka Hide Me is a Turkish Drama-Romance TV Series (2023). Sakla Beni Episode 15 cast: Uraz Kaygilaroglu, Cemre Baysel, Asude Kalebek. Sakla Beni Episode 15 Release Date: February 8, 2024 (STAR TV).

Release Date:

Sakla Beni Episode 15 will air at 7 PM on Thursday, 8 February on STAR TV.

Sakla Beni Episode 15 Plot:

When he sees Incila along with her father face-to-face, Mete is astonished and is trying to understand what’s going on. Mete is filled with anger towards his father over the immense pain he inflicted on his mother and himself over the years, is angry when he discovers that Cemil is harassing Incila. As Incila who she accuses for stealing the necklace of Naz is blamed by those who live in the house.

The discovery that she demanded the loan of everyone causes the arrows of justice to be turned completely towards her. As Mete confronts his father and engages in an intense confrontation with him, it’s important for him to feel the help of Incila.

Mete finds himself exposed to the anger of his grandfather along with Naz starts to believe that his father’s remarks concerning the Count Ziya might be a lie. Cemil is a major troublemaker has asked Incila for help which could lead to some troubles.

Sakla Beni Episode 15 Detail:

Episode Name: Sakla Beni 10 Bölüm
Network: STAR TV
Director: Nadim Güç
Writers: Gülseren Budayicioglu, Armagan Gülsahin, Nergis Otluoglu
Main STARs: Uraz Kaygilaroglu, Cemre Baysel, Asude Kalebek
Genres: DramaFantasyRomantic
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish
Release Date: February 8, 2024 (STAR TV)
Season: 1
Total Episodes: (To be Confirm)
Episode Number: 14
Also known As: Sakla Beni 14 Bölüm, Sakla Beni Ep 14, Hide Me Episode 15

Sakla Beni Episode 15 Trailer:

Sakla Beni Episode 15 Cast:

Uraz Kaygilaroglu As Mete
Asude Kalebek As Naz
Cemre Baysel As Incila
Senay Gürler As Belgin
Nilüfer Açikalin As Gülten
Ceyda Düvenci As Filiz
Sera Tokdemir As Fahrünisa
Göksen Ates As Tansu
Nizam Namidar As Atif
Tamer Levent As Kont Ziya
Sila Korkmaz As Emine
Sevinç Erbulak As Füsun
Kamil Güler As Izzet
Baran Bölükbasi As Kadir
Acelya Devrim Yilhan As Müberra
Edip Saner As Bahri
Emine Sans Umar As Cemile (as Emine Unar)
Nebil Sayin
Seyda Akova
As Afife (as Seyda Akova Balcıoglu)
Yigitcan Ergin As Ozan
Aydan Burhan

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