Spinning Gold (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Spinning Gold (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Spinning Gold cast: Michelle Monaghan, Peyton List, Lyndsy Fonseca. Spinning Gold Release Date: 31 March 2023 (Theaters). Spinning Gold Directors: Timothy Scott Bogart, Quinn Scott Bogart. Spinning Gold is looking full of Biography, Drama, Music, Musical. “Spinning Gold” is an account of the man who was the founder of Casablanca Records, home of famous names such as KISS, Donna Summer or Cher and many more.

Spinning Gold is an American Biography-Musican movie (2023). Michelle Monaghan, Peyton List, Lyndsy Fonseca are the main cast of Spinning Gold (2023). The label has helped propel numerous rock and pop artists to the top of the charts that are now part of the history books. While not limiting itself to only musical categories, Casablanca Records also opened. Spinning Gold release on 31 March 2023.

The biopic on Casablanca Records founder Neil Bogart was produced by their son Tim Bogart and is now in post-production, finally has arrived and will be on display to potential buyers in the Cannes Film Festival market later this week. “Spinning gold” was first thought of in the year 1990, and has since fought numerous drafts, auditions, and a decade-long search for the perfect director.

Spinning Gold Plot:

A biopic on 1970s music producer Neil Bogart, co-founder of Casablanca Records.

Spinning Gold Detail:

Movie: Spinning Gold (2023)
Directors: Timothy Scott Bogart, Quinn Scott Bogart
Writer: Timothy Scott Bogart
Main Stars: Michelle Monaghan, Peyton List, Lyndsy Fonseca
Genres: Biography, Drama, Music, Musical
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 31 March 2023 (Theaters)
Runtime: 2 hour 17 minutes
Filming locations: Montreal, Québec, Canada
Also known As: スピニングゴールド, Spinning Gold, Spinning Gold Movie, Spinning Gold (2023)


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Spinning Gold Cast:

Michelle Monaghan As Beth Weiss
Peyton List As Nancy Weiss
Lyndsy Fonseca As Joyce Biawitz
Jason Isaacs As Al Bogatz
Dan Fogler As Buck Reingold
Caylee Cowan As Farrah Lee
Jeremy Jordan As Neil Bogart
Sebastian Maniscalco As Giorgio Moroder
Winslow Fegley As Young Neil Bogart
James Wolk As Larry Harris
Vincent Pastore As Big Joey
Michael Ian Black As Bill Aucoin
Casey Likes As Gene Simmons
Jay Pharoah As Cecil Holmes
Nick Sandow As Mo Ostin
Jason Derulo As Ronald Isley
Doron Bell As Rudolph Isley
Chris Redd As Frankie Crocker
Tayla Parx As Donna Summer
Wiz Khalifa As George Clinton
David Reale As Darren
Cait Alexander As Frankie’s Girl
Sam Nelson Harris As Paul Stanley
George Nickolas K. As Steven Tyler
Ledisi As Gladys Knight
Alex Gaskarth As Peter Criss
Alex Gravenstein As FBI Agent Horace
Ellen David As Ruth Bogatz
Obi Abili As Edwin Hawkins
Christopher Hayes As Damon
Dusan Dukic As Gary Eli
Johnny Gill As Clarence Burke Jr
Marcel Nahapetian As Young Tim Bogart
Nadine Djoury As Mrs. Finkelstein
Emily Rose David As Marilyn
Seaton Smith As Manny
Danny Bruzzi As Wise Guy
Anthony Ricciardi As Blackjack Dealer
Laura Wei As Casablanca Core Assistant
Quinn Scott Bogart As Scotty
Erika Degraffinreaidt As Choir Member
Charlie Ebbs As Murray-The-K
Delia Lisette Chambers As Mimi Gaines Sommers
Ingalls Grant Wilder As Kiss Army Fan
Robert John Gallagher As Federal agent arresting ‘Big Joey’
John Skelley As Bill Darnell
Pink Sweat$ As Bill Withers
Brad Neilley As City Plaza Executive
Jerome Brooks Jr. As Choir Member
Jenny Brizard As Cookie
Sloane Bogart As Young Jill
Stephen Spreekmeester As Record Store Owner
Alex Brett As Kiss Army Fan
Annabelle Werner As Extra
Jake Bogart As Kiss Army Fan
Chris Senn II As Village Person

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The film will follow the life of the legendary music producer Neil Bogart, a lower-class Jew who was a millionaire when he founded of Casablanca Records in 1974 and is also recognized for his discovery and care for many of the biggest superstars. Of the musical. KISS, Parliament, Donna Summer, and The Village People are just several of the groups and singers who were included on the list for Casablanca Records, one of the most prominent labels of 1970s pop music.

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