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Survivor Season 38

Survivor is an American Adventure Reality-TV Show (2000-Present). Survivor Season 46 Episode 9 cast: Jeff Probst, Moriah Gaynor, Maria Gonzalez. Survivor Season 46 Episode 9 Release Date: April 24, 2024 (CBS). Survivor Season 45 Total Episodes: 13.

Survivor Season 46 Episode 9 Plot:

The chaos and confusion continues to cause a stir all over camp following the terrifying tribal meeting. Castaways are required to be able to test their balance in order to gain the safety of their families and be in the last eight. Then, the rise of several hidden immunity idols alters the plans for the tribal council that will follow.

What is the Survivor About:

The series was initially delayed in March of 2020 due to the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, and the rising number of cases forced plans to return in the summer.

Probst took to Twitter to promote his series and wrapped his hair in a shaggy pandemic style by wearing the Survivor caps for baseball.

Mark Burnett, executive producer of the series, claimed that the show has grown into one of the network’s most valuable and has created a dedicated fan base who have been following it since the beginning. CBS Director Ghen Maynard has said that it’s amazing to keep winning across all categories of ratings after fifteen seasons on the air.

Survivor Season 46 Episode 9 Detail:

Episode Name: Spicy Jeff
Network: CBS
Main Stars: Jeff Probst, Moriah Gaynor, Maria Gonzalez
Genres: AdventureGame-ShowReality-TV
Country: United State
Language: English
Release Date: April 24, 2024 (CBS)
Season: 45
Total Episodes: 13 (To be Confirm)
Episode Number: 9
Also Known As: Survivor, Survivor Season 46, Survivor (2024), Survivor Season 46 Ep 9

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Survivor Season 46 Episode 9 Trailer:


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Survivor Season 46 Episode 9 Cast:

  1. Jeff Probst As Self – Host
  2. Jemila Hussain-Adams As Self – Contestant (as Jem)
  3. Moriah Gaynor As Self – Contestant (as Moriah)
  4. Tim Spicer As Self – Contestant (as Tim)
  5. Ben Katzman As Self – Contestant (as Ben)
  6. Charlie Davis As Self – Contestant (as Charlie)
  7. David Jelinsky As Self – Contestant (as Jelinsky)
  8. Maria Gonzalez As Self – Contestant (as Maria)
  9. Bhanu Gopal As Self – Contestant (as Bhanu)
  10. Tiffany Ervin As Self – Contestant (as Tiffany)
  11. Jessica Chong As Self – Contestant (as Jess)
  12. Q Burdette As Self – Contestant (as Q)
  13. Kenzie Petty As Self – Contestant (as Kenzie)
  14. Liz Wilcox As Self – Contestant (as Liz)
  15. Hunter McKnight As Self – Contestant (as Hunter)
  16. Venus Vafa As Self – Contestant (as Venus)
  17. Tevin Davis As Self – Contestant (as Tevin)
  18. Randen Montalvo As Self – Contestant (as Randen)
  19. Soda Thompson As Self – The Jury (as Soda)
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